Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hyundai Accent '11 (3rd Generation)

I drive this car and loving it.

Why would I go for Hyundai Accent?

 I simply reject the Malaysian national car because I hate the government idea on forcing people to buy their 'cheap' cars by placing high taxes for import cars. If the imported cars somehow sold without the taxes, their prices are actually competitive to the national manufactured cars. And still, many people will go for the imported cars because of its high quality even the price is slightly higher compare to the national made.
National made, rejected.

If I would compare to other imported cars, I would say that the main reason is all about the money. I've gone through a study on price comparison and such, and finally this is what best to me. So be it.

Maybe I'm just a Hyundai guy.

Other review on

"The third-generation Hyundai Accent was built from 2006-'11. It's a cost-effective choice for a used car, though not a particularly exciting one. All third-generation Accents were powered by 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 110 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque. Transmission choices included either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.
During its run, a steady progression of changes and improvements were implemented. Initially, a sedan body style and single trim level were available. In 2007, a two-door hatchback was added to the lineup along with additional trim levels: the GS and SE were offered on the hatchback and GLS was the only sedan choice.
GS models were modestly appointed with the bare necessities. The SE added 16-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, power accessories, a CD player, a sport-tuned suspension and quicker steering. The GLS sedan included air-conditioning and the audio system as standard, with power accessories and alloy wheels optional. A sunroof and an upgraded audio system were optional on the SE.
There was a slight bump in fuel economy for '09, as well as available cruise control. For 2010, the entry-level Blue trim joined the lineup as the new value leader, but was renamed the GL one year later. In the meantime, the GS received standard air-conditioning. USB connectivity was added to the available auxiliary input in 2010. Used car shoppers should pay special attention to whether or not an Accent has antilock brakes, as the car's braking distance grows excessively long without them. Antilock brakes weren't even an option for the GS until 2010. Finally in 2011, all Accents featured it as standard.
In reviews, we found the third-generation Accent to be a decent choice for those seeking basic, fuel-efficient transportation, but plain styling and cheap materials kept appeal fairly low. Still, there was enough interior space for average-sized adults to get comfortable in the front or rear. Driving the Accent offered no revelations in performance, but the brakes were strong (with ABS) and ride quality and handling were acceptable for an economy car. Power was adequate for driving around town, but sluggish at highway speeds in automatic-transmission models. One final aspect to consider is the Accent's crash test scores; it performed very poorly in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's side-impact crash test."
I'm so in love to Sonata.