Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tank Storage Erection: Summary Part 2 (Final).

This is the sequel to Tank Storage Erection: Summary Part 1. This post shows mostly the painting jobs. This is the final review, so I included a short video for the testing of Firewater Pipe Line. And I'm done with it. I did not join the commissioning, but I am lucky enough to join the team from the kickoff through the part final. Great experience.
Here it goes.

Roof plate installation.

Preparation to install roof manhole.

General View for manhole cover.

Roof plate installation in progress.

General View for tank roof.

Roof manhole installed.

General View of tank roof plate.

Touch Up and Painting.

Tank Handrail installed.

Tank Handrail installed.

Touch Up for seam welding.

Second Coat.

Erecting Scaffolding for painting works.


Partial paint job done.

Painting job in progress.

me in red.

Tank Numbering.

Far View.

Tank Handrail painting in progress.

Tank Handrail painting in progress.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day




Sunday, February 13, 2011

Computer Gambling

I do not care if people love to gamble whatsoever. But, if the bad impact goes to people around them, it is so hurtful and annoying, and  most people don't like it. As long as we are happy with our own dealings and life, carry on with it. It's our choice.

This video was taken last year, but I don't remember uploading it since. The premise was already raided by the enforcement, along with the other operating premises around it. Well, I watched them being torn down by the TV3 ( 999 ) crew and the police, as they filmed it and shown on the TV3 ( 999 ) series. Good work though!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dyslexia ( Lambat Belajar )

Kasihan sang budak.

Tak boleh membaca mengira.

Kerana kekurangan upaya dalam pembelajaran, menyebabkan mereka lambat untuk menyerap pendidikan di sekolah.

Ceritanya begini.

Anak buah saya satu orang, teramatlah bengapnya. Mengira dan membaca tidak tahu. Padahal tahun ini sudah masuk darjah empat. Dari rekod-rekod kedudukan kelas tahun-tahun sebelumnya, dia selalu dalam kedudukan akhir tercorot. Disebabkan hal itu, dia selalu dipermainkan dan digelar macam-macam nama yang menyakitkan hati oleh rakan-rakannya di sekolah.

Baru-baru ini, dia jatuh sakit. Entah macammana mereka ibubapa sang budak ini mengambil inisiatif untuk membuat pemeriksaan mata. Mungkin atas saranan doktor, lalu mereka bertindak sedemikian rupa. Sang budak ini sebenarnya, apabila menonton television, dia akan mengecilkan matanya seperti kelakuan kebiasaan orang semasa 'meneropong' atau 'mengecam' suatu benda. Mungkin doktor mengesyaki hal ini ada kaitan dengan mata yang rosak.

Ternyata apabila dikaji selidik matanya disebuah kedai cermin mata menggunakan alat phoropter ( instrument tengok tahap rosak mata ), dia sebenarnya rabun!

Kini, dia lebih yakin, kerana pengelihatannya telah ditambah baik oleh kaca mata. Mana mungkin dapat belajar disekolah jika tidak dapat melihat apa-apa yang ditulis di depan kelas? Rupa-rupanya, selama ini dia bengap kerana rabun, bukan kerana kurang upaya belajar.

Wahai para ibubapa, belajar dan perhatikan anak anda yang lambat belajar. Mereka yang rabun dari kecil tidak tahu apakah maksud pengelihatan yang baik, kerana mereka sangka pengelihatan adalah pada takat itu sahaja. Walaupun mereka sebenarnya terlepas melihat dunia dengan pandangan lebih jelas.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sabah Road

Climbing to Keningau
Few years ago, I always hear people said that, we Sabahans are 'orang bukit' or hill/mountain people. And most of us hate that. But, it is quite real. It is actually a great realm.

Maybe we do not concern about how our journey begins or ends. It is always the concern about the slopes we are about to climb uphill or downhill. The explanation goes like this: Ranau - Tamparuli road has further kilometers but at decent slope percent. The road was built at connecting hill peaks and hill contours. While Kota Kinabalu - Keningau has a shorter kilometer, but the road slopes are extremely 'freaked me out', with labels of 11% to 19% hill slopes.

As far as I can remember, most of the roads in Malaysia are built on a plain terrain. In Peninsula Malaysia, even there are some built at hills and mountains, but these roads are not used regularly. Perhaps some freaky road climb uphill all the way to Genting or Cameron Highland, but that is not as freaky as here in Sabah. Sarawak is granted with plain terrain on its coastal land which all the business are at, while drawn away from the Crocker Range at the interior part. So, their road networks are quite common.

Poor Sabah!

Another road peaks. Extreme conventional driving. Kota Kinabalu - Keningau
So sad that our buses have to drive along these peaks. Gear dropped to 1. Kota Kinabalu - Keningau.

Weird landscape view. Keningau - Tambunan.

Typical Sabah houses. Keningau - Tambunan.
Long queue. How to overtake cars/buses when you are driving along the hill contours? Ranau - Tamparuli

There are some matters arising about the roads since then. Landslide maybe the worst case. Whenever the bad weather shows up, the rain fall will slice the hill and slump of soil block the road. Worst, if the road concrete slab itself sliced and carried away to the valleys. I remembered an incident, during our journey from Tambunan to Ranau, when I woke up and look outside. I could see the hill foot directly down the valley, as we drove just next to the landslide, three or four times.

Papar road view.

So, I come up with some recommendations.

Firstly, upgrade the road from Kota Kinabalu to Kimanis / Sipitang. In the near future, they will be an industrial site which provide homes and occupations for thousands.

Secondly, upgrade the road from Ranau to Tamparuli/Kota Kinabalu. This even require bigger sacrification of cutting the hills all the way down to some acceptable elevation. Tunnel construction should be a necessary option. Expand and add more lanes. In the future, West and East Sabah will be very dependable to each other. Domestic trading will see the exchange of agriculture and tourism products from the east, and industrial, manufacturing products from the west. Sabah west sea ( Laut Cina Selatan ) will partially closed from food industry due to oil and gas activity. So, most of the sea resources will come from the east such as Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau.

Third, upgrade the road from Kota Kinabalu to Keningau. The interior part of Sabah definitely provide most of the agriculture and tourism needs too. * please change that road at the peak to a tunnel.

Fourth, upgrade the road from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat. Since we are upgrading the road networks around Sabah. Besides, they will uphold the wind farm fame one day.

* a vast state, but they say we are poor. Why don't we introduce a new policy, 1 meter square land gives RM1. Wasted land.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sabah Road Tour

Travelling is one of my favourite. So, during the Chinese New  Year holiday, my siblings managed to come up with a brilliant plan to road tour to Keningau, then to Tambunan. We plan to stay overnight in a lodge around Kundasang. The tour will resume in the morning, to join our friends in Poring and lastly visit Luanti before heading home in Tuaran.

Approaching Keningau

Tallest building in the town
After so long, finally, I have the chance to go to this other side of Sabah. I can say that this town must be the busiest town apart from it's satellite towns in that realm. The town was not have much different from Kota Kinabalu. The people were from various races because we can easily define their root, whether they were legal or not. Did I heard the bad rumour about Keningau's population? It is for real.

Our group only manage to stop to buy some food supplies from G-Mart before heading north up to Tambunan.

Gombunan and Tamadon. Get it? Tambunan's real name.
 This town was so interesting. There was almost no activity happening here. Most probably because it was in the afternoon and people were resting. Shop houses and lots were opened, but very few people walks around. It was like, the town was deserted because the goods here were very expensive, and customers go elsewhere to buy their supplies. Maybe it is merrier during 'tamu' day.

Sonny's Villa

Break of dawn view from Willie's lodge. Sonny's Villa.
Break of dawn. Super cold!

Break of dawn. Just chill.

Beautiful morning.
Cold morning was very refreshing in a spiritual way for me. The energy was built up as the dawn turns the black sky to blue. The tree leaves turn to green, and when the mist appeared from everywhere, the dirt of the heart were softened, and evaporated along with the mist to the thin air.

We stayed here overnight after a long journey from Tuaran. We covered Keningau, Tambunan and Ranau.



Open Bath Poring.
Canopy walk Poring.
Poring maybe one of the oldest tourism spot in Sabah, it has built the reputation as an open hot spring bath across the country. Well, it also has some closed hot spring bath exclusively for anyone who are willing to pay or need privacy. They are also several sizes pool available for visitors, which is not sourced from the hot spring, but a humble public pipe.
The canopy walks was built for the brave hearted, because it is so high above the ground, which was connected among trees. I hate it, because I hate height.
 Lodges are provided if you plans to stay here.


Luanti Entrance.

Care to fish?
One that bite your flesh, the other feed from your hand.

Real fish, no joke.
I'm  Cowboy fishing.
It's kinda weird. I've never think anything like this, or even heard about it. Or I just don't bother. I went to the fish spa in KLCC to have some experience on how it feel to be nibbled by a fish. But here, the wild provided a tame fish to nibble your skin. They were tripled bigger size of the fishes in the fish spa in KL.
While another bigger fish will come to you and eat the fish pellets out of your hand. They'll suck your finger too. They were so plump!

Sabah Tea Garden
Tea party!
It is no more British matter.

 Sabah Tea Garden and plantation is the birthplace of the Sabah Tea's product. It is great to visit here to see how the product made and anything related to it. The scenery around it also breath-taking.

In conclusion, Sabah is great for its green scenery and sources for tourism. Everything is about environment. Anything depends on it. Because I was living on industrial based environment for so long, I've forget the beauty of nature. I will vote for green development.

p/s: I'll complaint about the road network on the next post.