Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bukan tidak ingat, tapi lupa!

Bukan tidak ingat, tapi lupa!

i have problems in remembering names. Especially when i came across the annual relative gathering every year.

It is a catastropic nuclear explosion when i have to call some of them by their name, worst, their real name.

i have relatively small problem remembering the names of elders, my aunts, uncles and cousins.

But, when it came to the younger generation of the family tree, i will totally sucked up.

So, there are the children gather around me to play, to share story and stuff.

Then i started to call them by their nicknames.

" How are you doing Kereb?"
" I'm not him, I'm Lengkriw."

"Hey, Mutif, don't smack her head!"
*from the distance* "I'm silently watching the TV la over here."
*Mutif 'duplicate' successfully run away after beating her sister*

"Well Hoklem, tell my you hobby."
*Everyone in the house* "She is not Hoklem!"

Some time i just pick the wild card and use it wildly,

" Err...Kereb?"
"Hoklem perhaps?"

I tried every single name that i remember that day, which finally annoys everyone in the house,


Actually, i have worst problem.
i don't even remembered that they are existed. The problem was, i leave home for 6 months and sometimes more and when i got back hometown, they are already walks and runs. i've never seen them as a baby, i mean a real young baby.

I have to admit. These are some of my irresistible question:

"Who's your parents"

"Who's your siblings"

"Where do you live"

"Is Hoklem your sister?"

I am a total stranger!

Cigarette Campaign


As a cashier, my younger sister always bumped into weird situation from the customers.

Most of the cigarette buyer tends to choose their own pack from the displaying rack.

They always go for the foot, i mean the rotten diseased foot picture rather than the other selection available such as the baby, the throat, the lung and so on.


When i argue with smokers, i always said that their life span is shorter than any non-smokers, which they will simply reply, that death is an unknown factor of life span.

Death also caused by accidents bla bla (hate it), which is true.

When it is time, it is time. No one will safely dogde their death.


Cheaper cigarette in the market rules out branded cigarette. They are cheaper and printed without some creepy image of diseases.

And they taste similar to those branded dominators.


I've witnessed things like electronic cigarette.

It is rechargeable, refillable and user friendly.

You suck the smoke in, the red orange light fire simulates the fire of a real cigarette.

You exhale the steamed chemicals mixture, and it will evaporate to the air in seconds.

It will cause no fire, you smells good and friendly to the environment.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Pose for 2010!

New Pose!

This is weird is'nt?
The new family potrait pose for the year 2010. i know that this is something from the past, but why not we just admit that, this is the best pose ever? The emotions and actions are realistic!
Family and friends posing for new year 2010. Happy New Year!