Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sabah Windmill

Great great great.

Imagine at one busy afternoon, while you are typing your very important report on the computer, and the power supply suddenly 'kaput'! Takda karan. Putus. Five seconds after that, the power supply reconnect and act like an innocent virgin. Yeah, imagine that! Your documents / reports too gone in one second. What are you going to do?

This type of scenario is rather true to the Sabahans people, and they commonly blame the SESB for slacking in power generation and distribution.

I don't get it actually.

Why would you call a state as Sabah: Land Below the Wind but never dig the good out of it. Hello, people! The reason is, Sabah is literally placed under the typhoon belt at South China Sea. The wind blows at a convincing speed at Kudat area ( i blogged about Simpang Mengayau ), which is meeting the requirement to set up a wind farm. Ask Germany! They will provide the technology to us.

Philippine already established a wind farm located at its north archipelago, and in the process of setting up another one, as the expansion. Indonesia is progressing on its first wind farm somewhere in Sumatra. While Thailand and Vietnam are expanding their wind power projects to support the green policy of the world while providing enough electricity supply to the rural areas.

Ok. Ok. I propose this.

1. Since Borneo Sabah Sarawak is given the green light to lead in green policy, Malaysia government should grant Big amount of money to Sabah, to set a wind farm. The denied coal plant project should be forgotten and let the proboscis monkey to be happy again. Electricity problem solved.

2. Phase 2 of Borneo Sabah Sarawak green policy. Grant money, loan, whatever to the Bakun Dam project. Let finish that project and supply the electricity everywhere it can reach, including Phillipine, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia.

3. The government should maximize the natural sources in oil and gas industry. Develop Bintulu as a Gas Town by installing gas piping system to some planned vast town and home area. Copy Brunei's technology and put it to our development. Do great things to Miri and Kimanis ( Sabah ) too. What can a 'biggest oil and gas hub in the world' do?

4. Well, in another 50 years, green policy may not be suitable to be associated with Borneo Sabah Sarawak, since Energy policy will make it way to the top. Borneo Sabah Sarawak should have a Green Research and Development Centre, by now anyway.

4. The explosion of energy development both in green ( wind farm Sabah, Bakun dam Sarawak ) and from the natural resources ( oil and gas ) should call the attention of the world. We will lead the world in green stuff. Just keep the rainforest alive and tourism will bloom.

5. I always think about the development of a dam will  destroy the life of many and everything inside it. The main problem is the creation of the water reservoir. Let think about using the sea as a reservoir. Hmm..there are so many technology should be develop first. The sea reservoir is there, but how to make it works just like a river dam reservoir are still undiscovered. Well, I like to work this one out. Care to join?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Screened Out!

What is it with me and screens in general?

My laptop's screen goes 'kabum',my DSLR camera's screen goes 'kebabom' and now my Nokia Mini  97 screen had the same fate too.

I don't think that it is all related to the exhausting camwhoring activities I did all the time. Let say, I don't have a mirror and camwhoring would be the best solution for a guy like me to dress my self up.

I used the internal laptop's camera for pimple pinching, and most of the juicy milky buttered cream will pop out and splatted to the screen. Owh, shoot! That would the main reason for the blinking burning effect of the screen in the first place. Ok, case solved.

Case number two, DSLR camera screen.  The camera slipped through my mutant hand and smashed the ground. I'm not so sure why it shows rebel to me. Face it, I am a horrible daddy. Case solved.

Case number three, handphone screen. I don't think taking my  nude 8" penis pictures would be the case here. Well, few hours before the incident, I looked at my old hand phone lustfully as if I want to make out with it. Deep inside me, I kinda feel sorry and missed to use the old hand phone. After we came back from dinner at the same night, I found that my new nokia was already dead broken inside my pocket. And by further investigation, it was found that the screen was already broken / cracked. Surely this is a jealousy case but poor nokia! I sent him to the repairman just now, and hopefully to recover from that deadly disease.


I haven't delete anything from that nokia mini 97!

Shoot! I should have done better on that man-piece!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cerpen : Cinta Laut China Selatan

Author: remsauce

       It was their first anniversary as a couple. Bad thing they were not together at the moment as both of them were studying apart form each other, Djad was studying in UITM Kuantan while his love was studying in UMS Kota Kinabalu.

Djad is a straight kind of person and has always tried to improve his love techniques from magazines and the internet. He knows that Schinta is not an easily pleased-type especially on the special moment like this. In that afternoon, he set a phone date with his girlfriend, and particularly asked his girlfriend to attend the beach in Tanjung Aru.

"Because it is our special chat and anniversary, honey." He said this to assure his girl's weird thoughts.

They sweet talked all afternoon as Djad has improved much on his straightness on fact and matter, while practising all the tongue twisting he learned from books. Schinta missed her love so much. She strolled along the sandy beach within the beautiful breathtaking dark orange panorama.

" Do you believe that I actually hear the wind from the sea whispered your voices directly to me?" Djad said.

"Well, I like to hear a supporting proof about that one." Schinta resisted.

"Honey, you are standing right in front of me now." Djad said.

"Well, you are getting into my nerves now!" Schinta felt unpleasant.

"Honey, now face the sea and gaze at it. You will see me at the other end." Djad said in assurance.

"How will that work? I only can see the undefined horizon." Schinta was unable to decode the meanings.

"Baby, it works when you stay still and calm. Remember Pahang? We are neighbours by hundreds kilometer away. I'm on Teluk Cempedak beach, gazing out to the ocean too." Djad tried to be romantic in every way he revealed his intention.

"And?" Schinta blatantly resisted her love undisclosed sense.

"Our visions and love meet on Laut China Selatan, honey. It may divide our vista, but witnessed and hold our love together." Djad completely aroused in his heart as he decode his secret.

Schinta giggled. She was snapped with that one. "Well, I don't want to mess with Cina Selatan  anymore. He knows."

"Yeah, I don't think a southern chinese guy even take a second look at you."

They both shared a good laugh that evening.

" Is'nt it beautiful, baby?", she said after a long pause. Schinta now sat on a giant log that might has been washed to the shore not long ago.

" Do you like that now I am romantic passion lover?" Djad  ask gladly.

"Yes, and this is the best sunset in Tg Aru I ever spend with you!" She finally credited Djad for all his effort that afternoon.

"Errr..." Djad seems bothered.

"What? You don't like watching the sunset with me?"

"The sunset. Not in another one hour and won't set out the ocean. REMEMBER PAHANG?"

He can't resist!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pengurut Sex pun Dia, GRO pun Dia juga

Chapter 1

Entah la apa mau cakap.

Sebagai manusia yang tidak ada larangan memasuki tempat-tempat pelik seperti rumah urut, pub, kelab malam, dan disko, banyak hal yang pelik telah saya lihat. Tempat-tempat pelik ini juga sebenarnya mengundang kecewa saya kerana melihat banyak orang satu negeri saya buat hal-hal janggal sebagai pekerja dalam pusat-pusat maksiat bekenaan.

Tidak lama dulu, saya ada masuk sebuah disko pub di daerah Puchong. Sebagai pelawat yang pertama kali memasuki tempat itu, saya mendapati kebanyakan pelayan-pelayan yang gembira melayani tetamu itu mengaku mereka orang Sabah. Saya tumpang layan gembira la juga, tapi dalam hati, tensen juga.

Ada juga saya dengar banyak kali di daerah Port Klang sini, pelayan-pelayan dalam kelab disko pub pun banyak orang Sabah Sarawak. Saya ni boleh la tahan lagi kalo mereka itu hanya melayan kita mabuk minum, tapi yang paling tidak tahan apabila mereka sendiri mau tips lebih dan mengajak buat perkara ganjil yang menyeronokan ( sori la bahasa sendiri mau paham ).

Saya selalu juga melawat rumah-rumah urut dekat daerah Klang sini, dan sudah pastilah saya sentiasa mencari tempat yang betul kaedah mengurutnya. Tapi dalam beberapa ketul rumah urut yang saya lawati bersama rakan, banyak pengurut-pengurut wanita yang mengaku mereka orang Sabah, suka meminta tips dan akan memberikan ekstra urutan ke tempat-tempat yang sensitif ( so called Happy ending ).

Kenapa begini pelik?

Ada juga pekerja-pekerja saya yang suka melayan pelacur di Port Klang. Teruk saja dengar pelacur-pelacur ni menurut mereka adalah Orang Sabah! Memang la sebenarnya ada bangsa-bangsa lain wujud dalam kegiatan ini semua, tidak terkecuali orang Thailand, China, Myanmar, Filipina, Indonesia dan sebagainya.

Saya tahu orang-orang semenanjung menganggap orang Sabah sebagai 'murah' akibat daripada kewujudan manusia-manusia yang tidak betul fikiran mereka ini. Di bawah ini adalah gambar sekitar Selangor.

Antara apartment yang diduduki orang Sabah

Antara apartment yang diduduki orang Sabah

Ini Orang Sabah sedang bermain bola

Orang Sabah bermain petang,

Banyak orang melemparkan pandangan sinis terhadap saya disini apabila mendengar khabar saya 'Orang Sabah'.

Chapter 2

Saya tidak tahu la orang lain, tapi bagi saya, keputusan meninggalkan negeri sendiri untuk mencari wang di negeri orang lain adalah perkara mulia dan berani dalam niatnya. Cuma caranya saja yang menjadi persoalan sekarang. Tapi siapa yang tidak tertarik dengan gaji lumayan jadi seorang pengurut dengan gaji Rm5000 ( ini yang saya tengok dalam suratkhabar). Mula-mula rasa janggal la kan, tapi lama2 biasala tu...

Ada satu ketika saya pergi berurut. Itu pengurut adalah seorang perempuan Thailand umur 29 tahun. Lepas habis berurusan mengurut, kami ada berbual sekejap. Dia cakap dia baru mari dalam 2 bulan. Dia lari dari kekasihnya, seorang Technician. Dia lari kerana merajuk itu kekasihnya ikut perempuan lain. Ketika itu, dia kerja bahagian Purchase. Patutlah English dia boleh tahan, malah dia boleh cakap bahasa Melayu sket2 walaupun baru dua bulan di sini. Akhirnya sampai di Malaysia buat kerja-kerja mengurut, termasuk hal yang pelik2. Apa yang saya tidak paham ialah, dia orang bijak pandai dan keluaran univresiti tapi akibat melarikan diri ke Malaysia, akhirnya bikin perkara ganjil yang memualkan.

Ada juga di Labuan sana, saya bertanya kepada satu orang gadis Filipina yang menjadi pelayan di disko pub. Kenapa dia bikin hal pelik macam ni. Jawapannya ialah, dia memang berharap untuk bekerja di Malaysia sebagai pembantu rumah atau kerja-kerja kilang. Namun akhirnya tertipu apabila dia ditolak ke tempat-tempat maksiat begni. Mau balik pun wang tidak cukup, passport bos pegang. Mau lari, tapi pegi mana? Akhirnya mereka tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa dalam situasi itu.

1. Saya percaya kemusnahan yang dibawa  oleh agensi2 pekerjaan tipu yang beroperasi tidak akan berakhir.
2. Orang Sabah dalam konteks artikel ini termasuk orang Bugis dan Filipina yang pernah menetap dan mendapat IC sebagai orang Sabah, dan kini mencari ruang di semenanjung Malaysia.
3. Saya benci dengan pemerdagangan manusia, terutama sekali aktiviti menjual manusia untuk dijadikan hamba-hamba seks di kelab-kelab malam.
4. Saya tidak menggalakkan anda buat perkara pelik dan artikel ini tidak bermaksud saya suka buat hal2 ini semua. Ini adalah informasi yang kita perlu untuk menjadi manusia yang lebih baik.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Star Cruises

Maybe I had fantasized so much about becoming a pirate.

I am not sure why I am quite obsessed to experience the floating feeling inside the huge metal thing all these years. Maybe I missed the old feeling back in the year 1998 through 2003, when I still was studying in Labuan. For six years, I rode the ferry en routing Kota Kinabalu - Labuan. At some days, weather was good and destination was reached a little much faster about around 2 hours 30 minutes. But when the foul weather shows up, the whole passenger would throw up because of the high tide.

I did watch someone died inside the ferry while we were taking off from Kota Kinabalu to Labuan. All I can remember is, while we were sailing under an average weather and tide condition, one guy seems hurrying many times to the toilet. And upon reaching our destination, and on our way out, I could see a body was blanketed on the floor near the toilet. Few peoples were gathering around the body as if they were blocking the awful view from the public. I remembered the cloth the body was wearing, he was the guy that I mentioned earlier. God bless his soul.

I also experienced a great incident on the other trip. After one hour of sailing, the weather turned bad and people were shouting in fear as the ferry started to sway from side to side. While sitting in fear, we could watch the left windows were showing the ocean while the right windows show the sky, and the ferry swayed back while the sky and ocean were showed in the opposite windows. The ferry speed was decreased to reduce accident chances. As we approaching Labuan, the tide became normal again and people surely thanks their God for bringing safety.

Back to the present.

I went to the Starcruise terminal in Pulau Indah sometimes to have lunch. The terminal is big and seems to be operating under a good company. Recently, I heard that StarCruises management has changed. What is the agenda? I don't know. But I do know that it will change the whole earning of the company. They should just stick to the old concept to avoid people from freaking out on new regulations.

I love that feeling. The feel of sailing again but in a luxurious cruise.

A full picture I took while standing a the jetty.

Roller Coaster Berjaya Times Square

Awesome mechanical structure

It was moving fast.
Whoa, see it. Admire it. Love it.
Who do not love to rush their adrenalin to their brain?
Well, I don't.

The Berjaya Times Square is unique because it has a playground inside. The best part is, the playground even has a roller coaster high rise mechanical structure which keeping human adrenalin at the high high level.

I always wanted to play this thing when I was a child, but after a freaking adrenal high high level I got while riding roller coaster in Genting Highland, I sure did deleted this one from my play list wish ever. I hate heights because it gave me nausea. So long dear roller coaster.

Orang Perak dan Orang Emas

Glittering golden and silver at Bintang Walk ( in front Maybank )


As I walked along with a friend down the popular Bintang Walk, we stumbled upon these people whose job is to put smiles to people faces. I did watched them been reviewed in one of the TV3 Majalah Tiga episode few years ago.

They put golden and silver glitter all over their body, and it seems so itchy but how they handled it was quite amazing. People love what they viewed. I love the whole value out of it, from how they decided to standout out among people and committed to it as their earning.

They are not performing any arts or moves, but only stand still and wait for the passerby to take pictures with them. People than give their thanks by inserting some amount of money into a box provided. Well, it is how entertainment works, keep the money flows in.

There are also many other performers such as street singers, painters and caricaturist along Bintang Walk. Their creativities are our inspiration.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Quest

First question. Should I go BAD ( a little bit )?

I am single and that is weird. I thought I was kinda hot stuff few years back in school or the university and ladies would line up to have a little bit of taste out of me. Yeah.It turns out to be the opposite way. Is it because I am a straight non-romantic person without the 'bad' factor girls love so much? ( rumour? )

Okay. I admit that I am a logical with a typical engineer thinking person. I am the person who rather say, "I woke up late this morning", than "Traffic jammed" when people ask why I am late to reach the office, OR say " The food is bad" than " I'm full", when people ask me why I don't want to eat. I don't give reasons or excuses when something gone wrong. It is simple, you are wrong when you are wrong, and right when you are right. And that is what the females found out unattractive, literally.

I dare to imagine me having my first dinner with a female companion goes like this:

Me: Hye there. Wow lovely dress! I hope that fur is'nt a real thing. Come on, go green, love animals.
Her: Noo..This is not a real fur.
Me: Owh, fake fur. Clever designer. Where did you shop a cheap dress like that?  I mean cheap because the fur is'nt a real thing.
Her: (annoyed) Kedai Kasut.
Me: Kedai Kasut did sell this thing these days? I thought they only considered things related to the foot such as stockings, slippers, Crocs, shoes and...wait a minute, they sell Pengelap Kaki too?. That's why with the fake fur.
Her: You are sick, man!
Me: What? No no. I'm good. What's with that wrinkled face? I've seen one of those looks before, they seem to become worst and worst in most of my previous dates.
Her: Whatever. Dinner is served. Dig in!
Me: Yep. Lets the hand do the talking.

Awh! Love quest aborted!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Fly-Over

Enormous Road Fly-Over

As an overrated area of Selangor, road fly-overs seem to be typical and boring in Klang Valley. Their sizes are enormous and differ in length. I would say that Klang Valley hold the record of  'the most road fly-over built in Malaysia'. They are everywhere. 

As long as I can remember, there are no more place elsewhere in Malaysia would beat the congested road system in Klang Valley. The main reason is that this area is highly populated and well developed as an industrial area in various sectors. People are coming from all over Asia region to this cramped area, for the love of job for money.

Since industries were thriving well and business was good, the demand of goods expanded to the area surrounding it. In the past, I believe that Kuala Lumpur and Klang were the only places with developed buildings. Thanks to the rapid growth in civil engineering, the tall and big buildings are almost everywhere along both sides of the road between the KL and Klang.

I like to talk about this few other things:

1) The Roads.

It has the best road condition ever especially at the highways. Well connected to each other but most of the time actually quite annoying because of the road signs are confusing. Yeah~ the road toll too sometimes became a real pain in the arse.

2) Trailers, Driver and Attitude

They are the number two, after a lawyer, who always cursed to their death. In Port Klang, they are known as the number one reason of road accident that causes death. They dragged race among them, and bullied the other road users by tailing them too close.  Only some are with good attitude.

3) Motorcyclist

This kind of vehicle maybe the cheapest, but life are still at the same price. The most annoying thing is when they tend to ignore the red traffic light. At several occasions, I saw them almost run over by trailers or the other road users after ignoring the red light.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I-City or I-City Selangor (formerly known as Sumur City) is a township in the Klang Valley region of Selangor, Malaysia. This new township is located at Section 7 in Sungai Rasau between Bandar Baru Klang and Shah Alam. I-City is well connected from/to the Federal Highway. This township is the site of the former Sumur City Aerospace Adventure exhibition centre in 1995.

The pictures shown above are the future looks of the city after a full development. It is so beautiful, I wish I know who are the designer for the city.

This place rocks! For the night lovers, this place definitely will be added to your must go places around Selangor. I love walking among hundreds of strangers while watching their attires, their behaviour and their actions. Where else the place that people can attend to enjoy night views other than the beaches? Maybe a
LED garden will actually fill the needs of most.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tertiary Education

I love the reasons why I took KUKTEM ( now UMP ) as a place to pursue my tertiary education level.

First, I want to focus on my study. Well, back then, I was quite a hot material for the girls (seriously). I don't even apply for a place in UMS or UNIMAS, because I was afraid to be chased all year long. These places rocks by the way, if you can manage to uphold your academic and the girls simultaneously. For me, it's hard not to hard on the girls, which will lead to low academic achievement. So, forget that horny thoughts and leave for good!

Secondly, I want to pursue in engineering. This is more to your own life choice, on whatever you want to do to the rest of your life. For me, it is mostly depend on your ability in academic. I was good at Math and Physic more than the other subjects. I sucked on chemistry and hate it. Since logical thoughts were my play, I considered to take engineering in mechanical.

Third, I want to explore the other part of Malaysia. If I get better results back then, I would likely to apply to study overseas. I was quite sure that, only tertiary education will give you the biggest percentage of oppurtunity to go overseas in a lifetime. Pahang was not bad either. As long as I can learn different culture, that will be okay.

Fourth, the facilities provided should be good enough. I love the KUKTEM rumour back then, that it was the first campus of its kind to have a full wireless internet connection covering all parts of the campus. It was also promoting a paperless approach between the lecturers and students. Every business will be dealt online. The concept of doing more practical rather than theoretical classes also sounds convincing. Yeah~ Easy for the idea to be drafted, but the real execution was painful. We were lab's animal been experimented.

I think thats all I ever counted as important rules of choosing college / university for tertiary education.


In 2002, I had an argument with my mother on career choice for my future. She always wanted me to be a teacher. I have to clarify here, I DON'T WANT TO BE A TEACHER. So, I told her, that I better be some religious priest than a teacher. I would be anything, but not a teacher. Well, I'm not a religious priest either..

I always see that this is the typical choice for my fellow Sabahans. What is in it? I mean teaching is actually a holy life mission especially turning one's life to something fruitful. I could not think other thing than 'teaching is a holy life mission'. But, why so many Sabahans end up teaching or taking education course in universities or colleges? I could say that, everyone in my village who are considered as educated, clever and well schooled, are teachers in schools. One will easily find a whole family consists of teachers, or just part of it.

I think the biggest influence for the cause is because teaching does give you a steady income. In a low-profiled state as Sabah, teacher might be considered as the best option for a bright future. It is not fair though, to let the Sabahans people to think that it is the only best job available. But, what else Sabah has to offer to its dweller?

I just hope that whoever pledged to become a teacher, should boost moral values, and really take students life seriously.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lovely Jeans!

 I love jeans so much that if I have all the money in the world, I want to make everything out of jeans.
No. I'm just saying.

Few months back, I went window shopping at one of the largest shopping mall in Selangor. So I entered the Levis store to see what they have to display. Jeans and more jeans.

At one corner, they displayed one jeans that was absolutely crazy. I mean the price was up to RM 12000, but it was definitely common for me. Look at the first picture above. They were displaying a jeans with some white paint spots all over it. The items were categorized as "New Arrival". New arrival my as*. Its like some poor guy shooting sperms at all directions except for that stinky cave.

I was annoyed and cannot bear it alone. This misery must be ended by now, by educating people how ridiculous it to be Lady Gaga. Can someone call the fashion police now, I said NOW!

Owh, by the way, I attached a picture of a painting contractor worker wearing a colourful jean. Do you see what I mean? That only cost Rm10 perhaps.

Tukang Cat

( I'm broken please fix me?)

What have I achieved?

Frustration, stressful life and unhappy days.

The only thing I could think about working under the construction / fabrication industry are frustration, stressful life and unhappy days. It is all about people management and good planning for projects execution. I know that it doesn't fit me well to be in any management team, because it is my nature not to give hell about people. I only love doing designs, drawings and new inventions.

Maybe that I am the type of people who are labelled as a freak, and happen to be so quite among people. But, it doesn't mean that I am hiding in dark corners just to avoid real conversation with people. I don't talk behind peoples' back, avoid complaining, and these causes me to lock myself away from making conversation with most people. Yup, I am bad with small talk.

I doesn't mean that I am a big talker either. I love listening and learning new knowledge especially in mechanical technical things and designs. Whoever brings up topic related to these matter would be given a standing ovation, as an appreciation to their lesson.

I don't know. Maybe that my imagination is bigger than what I can bear. Visuals are animating while some music are playing in the background inside my head. Everyday, whenever I am not busy doing other things. Yeah~ a quality of a freak. I know that I am not stupid, because I came as an average student in class. It is just too much things to think about. My life, my future, my hobby: It is all lining in a messy order.

I am afraid that people will hate me because I looks so unrealistic and hypocrite. I love talking to my fellow Sabahans, because we have the typical conversation about things. Maybe, it is the tones or the dialect. I laughed easily during conversation with my fellow Sabahans, but become worst among the non-Sabahans or non-Sarawakian.

Human. We tend to do wrong and learn from it.