Saturday, June 11, 2011

Declined SOGT.

I was called for an interview with Samsung Engineering for SOGT project, but I declined.

That was the weirdest thing ever happened to me. I applied for a job opening as a Mechanical Engineer but offered a different post, that is Mechanical Supervisor. But that was not the main case here.

I already found myself working for a non-oil and gas company, more precisely as a Mechanical Engineer for a construction company, whose projects are mainly funded by the government. I was studying a new Water Treatment Plant Project in Paitan, Beluran, when the phone rang.

I was so excited with the new project that I was currently studying. Just imagine the new knowledge I would get. I am definitely hunger for more, that I simply reject everything else. I couldn't wait to see more Sabah's territories  as more development project would take place in rural areas.

I just love it. My passion to see different things. God knows I love it.