Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mengayat - Flirting


In our daily life, we may want to use some fancy dialog to create different situation and sensation. These are some of the fancy words which i saved for my future events.

In an argument:

" You know what is the different between you and a cow? Cow don't wear pants!"

" You just upgraded from a total idiot to a plain stupid."

" Well, I am just a drinking straw that you suck."

" That smells like shit. owh, pardon my nose shit" /*dungot*/

Flirting with the girls, which is rarely happen:

" I worked out mostly to my upper body, that is why i have dashing eyes" /* i used this one actually*/

"Well girls, i am married. Married to my job!"

" I know i'm not handsome, because i am Remsauce."

" Great job with your hair! Seems like you don't need a full plastic surgery after all." /*inappropriate?*/

"Your lips is so dry. Want me to make it a little wet?" /* hot stuff*/

" News flash, you are the most beautiful!" /* bold */

"I thought a beautiful girl only exists in fairy tales and porn movies, you are a living proof!"/* hahaha!! Love this one so much. My great original!*/

Selamatkan Dunia Etnik

Sejak ku tonton itu filem Avatar, banyak pula itu filem menyentuh kehidupan peribadi tentang saya sebagai satu etnik Dusun di Sabah.

Tidak la biru sangat. Ada la kelabu sket.

Ini Dusun kalo kita pikir-pikir, bukannya ada di mana-mana dalam dunia ni. Cuma di Sabah saja, dan itupun bukannya banyak. Tengok itu taburan penduduk di Sabah, di sekitar Kudat ada Rungus, di sekitar Tuaran ada la Dusun, di sekitar Lahad Datu, ada la Bugis Suluk, di sekitar pedalaman sana, ada la Murut, dan macam-macam lagi.

Ya, maksud saya, asal usul mereka la. Kalo mereka berhijrah pegi Australia ka, pegi United Kingdom ka, pegi West Malaysia ka, itu sukahati mereka la kan. Pokok asal usul mereka ini dari Sabah.

Betul la ramalan banyak orang bijak pandai, lama kelamaan ini dunia tidak ada lagi bangsa berlainan, cuma agama yang tidak sama.

Kahwin campur zaman sekarang ni tidak dapat dibendung lagi. Kalo satu orang bangsa mix kawen satu orang bangsa mix juga, memang sudah jadi supermix, lepas tu satu orang supermix kawin kawin satu orang supermix juga, memang sudah jadi ultramix. dan seterusnya.

Entah apa lagi option yang ada dalam borang pendaftaran di Malaysia ni nanti. Sekarang kan cuma ada Melayu, Cina, India, dan 'dan lain-lain'. Kalo da supermix, apa kamu mau isi dalam ruang kosong tu?

Entah apa yang patut. Kita sibuk juga selamatkan bangsa sendiri macam kita sibuk selamatkan orang utan.

Mana yang kekal.

Not Dead yet


to sustain a good practice of blogging, number one, must have internet.

and that is all I need.


Now you can see me doing my blogging thingy like few hundred years per blog. Yeah, you people love to read my broken english which I can simply say " Skrew yu. I m not that inglis." but, still enlighten your days before 2012.

I am now waiting for my credit card approval, and upon approval, it means that I am officially a MAN. Number one, internet. Number two, new laptop. Number three, new handphone. Number four, a new girlfriend! Well all this credit should go to the credit card. I Wish!