Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orang Cari Apa ni?

Melampau betol la.

Itu orang tadak kerja yang lebeh baik kut. Haha.

Tapi trimas mr.google, orang taip benda aneh-aneh, ko pandai suggest blog sy ni.

Thumbs up untuk item no.8!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ancient Aliens

Since the series of Ancient Aliens been aired for a few weeks now,  I have so much question about the past.

 I admit that I love knowledge about mystery of the ancient science, since I was very young. I doubt so many taboos that the older generation tried to implant since we were kid, such as ghost caused a fever if you are playing in the rain shower (traditional Malaysian) or when still out playing at dusk.

"Come inside, it's raining. Don't you see those white shadows lurking at hills over there.Those ghost will make you feel sick." 

In response, I would get my dad's binocular and start scanning all over the hills. And yes, there were some white or lighter tone colors of tree leaves, when they were blown by the wind, they were showing the lighter green color of the bottom side. That's why with the dance lurking white shadows if we watch from afar.

"Don't point your finger towards the rainbow, your hand will rot."

Just to show them how stupid that was, I won't stop pointing my finger, people got freaked out. But nothing ever happened.

"Once you give your stuff to others, you cannot take it back, your elbow will rot."

Haha. I love this one. But I never take my stuff back when I already gave them out,not because of the elbow thing.

In conclusion, I have very good curiosity about everything.

Ancient Computer.

But bigger knowledge would lead to various perception towards our faith. I read Bermuda Triangle stuff when I was in primary school. So, all these mysterious science such as Stonehedge, Pyramid and Easter Island has been made familiar to my hearing. I love them all.

So, the Ancient Alien series has upgraded me into another level because of the new discovered knowledge along these years, thanks to several researchers, book authors, scientists and archeologists for their effort.

Am I stuck between religion and ancient alien thing?


Wide Sky.


World Destruction.

Ancient Wars.


Ancient Technologies.

Ancient Science.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oil & Gas : Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP)

Everyone has right.

They simply don't reject the idea of the Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) project, but they only want the recognition for their right.

NCR land issue has long been haunting the people of Sabah Sarawak.

Development affects people in both positive and negative way.