Monday, March 28, 2011

Sabah Keretapi

Sabah Keretapi 

This is the upgraded version of train in Sabah: they just up and operational. They are using the same track of the old train, but the track itself has been upgraded too. How does it feel riding the older version, and yeah, apart from the noisy mechanical dry-humping clinks. 

The interior part of the train is quite pleasant, maybe because it is new. Not to emphasize the fact that this facility is mostly used during weekends. That is why with the schedule, one ride in the morning, and another one in the evening. Train life span should be up to 20 years. In between, no upgrades for youuu ~ ~...

The train accelerates up to 100km/h, but most of the time, it was always around 50 ~ 60 km/h. The tracks don't have any safety fence, say, to divide a deadly area from normal friendlier living-hood. So, anything would show up unexpectedly (should I say, they do), from wild animals, ignorant drivers and suicidal people. 

I don't know should I be happy with the overall attempt to impress Sabahan people. Maybe I am just greedy, I want more, I want it all type of person. I believe in facility development as the foundation of modernization, sorry to bother the environmentalists. Maybe, it's just it. Enough to fulfill the demands. 

In the past, I happened to read the project value of Landasan Berkembar in Peninsula Malaysia, at first sight, I thought it was 11 mln. (MYR 11,000,000). But my colleague had me corrected. It was 11 bln, like, MYR 11,000,000,000. Good for them. I mean, who wants to use the road highways, closed guard with trolls collecting tolls sucking our bloody money like a vampire in Twilight movies? And I hate both Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. Period.

Outro: weird? the tracks passes exactly through the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal facility.  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oil & Gas : Kimanis Sabah Oil & Gas Terminal Site.

As captured on 26 march 2011.

At the horizon, we can see some pile driver crane on duty.

Closed for construction. Open for bright future.
This project would be the best industry ever to revive the Sabah economy, aside of the agricultural and tourism along these years. We do have Labuan, mainly for service and maintenance industry related for oil & gas, but having an actual processing plant on the mainland, would benefit thousands.

From what I saw, the site was still on civil basics engineering such as piling and site leveling. Nothing yet installed, but perhaps the prefabrication of pipings, mechanical instruments, is ongoing somewhere else. I would rate the civil aspects has reached third quarter final of their masterplan.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Bully

This story has been long forgotten. But now I remember. And this might be the first time ever I joined 'the bad side' as a road bully, I think so. 

 Few years back, while I was staying in my friend's house in Miri, this freaking event does change my life forever. No,just saying. 

We were just finished our meal that afternoon, was it lunch or minum petang, I couldn't remember. So, we're at the parking lot, just about to fully reverse the car to the road, suddenly we all heard thud at the back of the car. Definitely we hit someone's car, and that other car actually also reversing at the same moment like us. That was so back-to-back.  
who knows what kind of hazard may happen.

Back-to-back We're in the yellow car.
 And we set to our parking position again. Ready to kick some action here. While one car, who might be waiting for a our parking before the collision occurred, just drove away fast. While writing this, after few years, I just discovered that driver should have warned us like blow the horn or something. Because he saw everything, didn't he? Damn, I hate that guy!
There he goes ignorant driver.
It's funny though. If you view from the rear-view mirror, you may see the objects behind the car should proportionally getting bigger as you reverse your car. But, definitely not aware that the car behind also reversing exactly at the same moment as you are. So, there you go, shit happens.

Funny number two, our car was actually belongs to my friend's aunt, Brunei citizen, as her car shows a Brunei registration number. So, our friend went out to meet that other guy, as the rest of us stay inside the car. And they started talking.

Funny number three, my friend is a physically big guy. With a fierce  look of a potential thug killer. They arguing about who was to blame and so on. Of course that other guy was some local Miri people trying to show who's boss, just because we were some Brunei visitor whatever.

Funny number four, my friend speaks dark rare deep fluent Melayu Sarawak. He is good at it, he sounds so fluent that original Melayu Sarawak people sounds not. The other guy should be bothered by my friend's pronunciation right now. But not, they were still arguing. And my friend is a competitor.
Who is to be blame?
Funny number five, I can't stand the heat inside the car, so I went out. And I am physically big guy myself. I leaned against our car, while my hands crossed on my chest. In casual manner, I am not look like a thug, but in that case, I brought out what I called as, 'the face'.
Intervention of the third party.

And after a very short while, they done talking. They shook their hands and took our path separately. No money involved. Just, two big guys and thumbs up for 'the face'.

Thumbs Up!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nomad ku Nomad Part 2

Nomad Ku Nomad

Baru ku ingat.

Selama ku hidup, aku ni nomad. At least aku tergolong dalam itu la.

1985-1990: Langkon, Kota Marudu.
1991-1992: Apas Balung, Tawau.
1992-1994: Perumahan SFI, Sipitang.
1994-1996: Bandulan, Menggatal.
1997-1998: Tinambak, Tuaran.
1998: Labuan,Sekolah Asrama - Bilik 1
1999: Labuan,Sekolah Asrama - Bilik 2
2000: Labuan,Sekolah Asrama - Bilik 3
2001: Labuan,Sekolah Asrama - Bilik 4
2002: Labuan,Sekolah Asrama - Bilik 5
2003-2004: Labuan,Matrikulasi - Bilik 6
2004: Gambang,UMP - Bilik 7
2005: Gambang,UMP - Bilik 8 & 9
2006: Gambang,UMP - Bilik 10
2007: Gambang,UMP - Bilik 11
2008: Gambang,UMP - Bilik 12
2008: Pujut, Miri
2008-2009: Li Hua, Bintulu. 13
2009: Li Hua, Bintulu. 14


2009: Hotel Crystal Crown, Port Klang 15
2009: Hotel Uptown, Bukit Tinggi, Klang 16
2009: Perumahan Taman Teluk Gedong Indah, Port Klang. Rumah / Bilik 17
2010: Perumahan Taman Teluk Gedong Indah, Port Klang. Rumah / Bilik 18
2010: Perumahan Taman Teluk Gedong Indah, Port Klang. Rumah / Bilik 19

Ini updated version. Yang lama dulu ada di link ini. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pembaris Unit Pelik!


Betol aku benci weh.

Patot la aku selalu rasa pelik dengan unit inci yang pelik contohnya, 1/8" dan 5/8".

Selalu aku pening, kenapa macam tu?

Rupa-rupanya memang unit inci cuma ada LAPAN senggatan untuk satu inci. Bukan SEPULUH macam unit metrik, centimeter atau meter atau sebagainya. Selama ini kita guna pembaris budak sekolah, kita kena tipu dengan unit inci sepuluh senggatan. Memanglah terang-terang dah tulis TENTH kat sana, tapi mana kita peduli. Malang betul selama ni ikut kepala lutut manufacturer yang sukati dia saja. Patutlah aku selalu hairan macamana unit inci ini yang sebenarnya, untunglah bekerja dengan bidang-bidang paip yang masih guna sistem Inci ini, baru aku perasaan.

Ada tulis TENTH, pun bukan aku tau apa maksud.

Kamu lihatlah beza antara dua. Yang pembaris oren itulah menunjukkan senggatan yang tepat.
Lama juga aku pikir kenapa aku tidak tahu bahawa unit inci cuma ada lapan senggatan, rupanya dari aku kecil budak sudah tersimpan bahawa inci ada sepuluh senggatan. Jangan tertipu lagi wahai semua. Ingat tu. Ingat tu!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wind Turbine Recipe Book Received

Queen's Head Stamp United Kingdom

Printed Papers = Book
It's finally here. After two months of waiting, it is finally here. When I was a little bit crazy last year, I thought that Sabah would be a great place for wind energy development, despite the real fact that Sabah maybe not up to the expectation. So I bought this book from some company in the United Kingdom; paid through Paypal for MYR70+,waited helplessly because it was sent via air mail which means no tracking record, and I even thought it was a scam!

I always wanted to learn more about green energy from sources available around Sabah, such as the wind, solar and biomass. The best part is, Sabah Coal Power Plant project has already been canceled on February 2011, leaving us greener than ever. But, something has be done, because we still indeed in need of power electrical supply. 

What a shame? Our power electrical failure seems to happen 2-3 times daily. Sometimes, they were not completely down, but that unstable low power actually damaging our domestic electrical and electronic system around the house and office. I just hate it. Well, I actually say out loud, "Thanks people for bringing the Sabah Coal Power Plant project down." We need power. Need POWER.

Great drawing details inside.
I will seek some time to do this project. And money too. Because the construction of the parts are quite critical, especially the requirement to reduce vibration during the operation. Rotating machine worst enemy : Vibration. I can imagine how easily parts break apart due to vibration or earthquake? May God bless Japan and its people, and everyone who are directly or indirectly affected by the disaster.

Thanks by the way, for the people who encourages green energy. Love you all!

Land Below the Wind solution? 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Special Purpose Flip Flop

     All these years I've been wearing this type of flip-flop. The one with extra tiny bumps. And they are the cheapest among all of their competitors. I always see this type of flip-flop worn in the bathroom or toilet, or at least at a wet floor places around houses or offices. 

But what surprises me the most is their actual function, which I found out from their price tag recently. Maybe they are not as effective but, they are actually a MASSAGE type flip flop. That's what all the tiny bumps all about. And that's weird. Because I thought they were made that way just to add more friction between the flip-flop and the user's feet. 

Well, I am sharing this because it surprises me. Check this method I found out about foot reflexology.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Longest Holiday since 2007

Goodness Gracious!

How light your life will be after a long holiday? I think that my emotional breakdown was caused by a need of a long holiday. That's all I need.

I remember an incident during my time in Bintulu, one of our supervisor suddenly turns to rage mode, and off to meet the Western guy in the main client office. All I heard was, he wanted to meet that Western guy and complain, but perhaps the weather was hot, and he starts to show some punch accuracy to that Western guy's face.

He was jumped on by several others, brought down and a police report was filed. Good for him.

But I love the best remark from that western guy. He said," Your boss didn't give enough leave, did he?"

Yeah, Western people are quite creative in a critical moment sometimes. Same as the former American President Mr. Bush remarks about the shoe size just after he's been thrown a pair of  it.

Well, after visiting hell in every level like burnt into ashes and brought back to life and burnt again to death, I think this quite long holiday starts to replenish my mana (magical power) and health bar all the way to 100%.

There are few quests that I need to finish from this point onwards. For those who don't know, I already quit my job, but now I am back hunting again. That's my first quest. Finding a suitable girlfriend will be number two. Deciding what Master course should I take will be number three, will it be engineering  course or business course?

After all, time is the reliable measure for everything. Thanks for the two months holiday. Then I just wait.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Telemarketer Bikin Panas

Lagi-lagi saya kena.

Apa la nasib badan ni. Kenapa ramai sangat manusia yang boleh dapat maklumat kad kredit saya ni? Hairan betol.

Yang pertama kali saya dapat call dari seorang perempuan, saya belum ada lagi kad kredit itu dalam tangan. Bank pun belum call saya lagi untuk beritahu bahawa kad kredit saya da siap dan suruh ambil. Tapi itu orang telemarketer da pula dulu telefon. Panas betul hati rasa. Suruh dengar ini itu tipu temberang dia yang panjang lebar.

Bikin panas hati la itu orang yang jual itu maklumat kita sebarangan.

Yang kedua pula call. Temberang ini itu begini begitu tipu temberang dia cakap banyak woo.

Sejak dari itu hari saya tidak lagi terima masuk panggilan kalau nombor Selangor punya ( 03 ). Banyak juga saya tidak sambut mula itu jam. Tapi baru-baru ni saya terpaksa sambut sebab saya ada apply kerja kat selangor. tapi malang sungguh kerana itu manusia ialah cik telemarketer lagi. menyampah betul.

menyampah betul laaa...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Typical Roads Jungle Ahead

 Water buffalo Skeleton
Well, perhaps this is the kind of scenery people would see around Sabah's kampung roads. Typical sight of gravel roads are seen mostly in faraway kingdoms of the native. The jungle provides everything to them from shelter, food supplies and herbs. I have heard things like, these gravel roads will be upgraded after some duration of years, based on a village development contract. In between, just enjoy what you have been offered.

Gravel Roads Typical

Creeping dinosaur.
Not much like a jungle actually. They are integrated with the rubber plantations developed years ago. Just live with it.