Saturday, June 11, 2011

Declined SOGT.

I was called for an interview with Samsung Engineering for SOGT project, but I declined.

That was the weirdest thing ever happened to me. I applied for a job opening as a Mechanical Engineer but offered a different post, that is Mechanical Supervisor. But that was not the main case here.

I already found myself working for a non-oil and gas company, more precisely as a Mechanical Engineer for a construction company, whose projects are mainly funded by the government. I was studying a new Water Treatment Plant Project in Paitan, Beluran, when the phone rang.

I was so excited with the new project that I was currently studying. Just imagine the new knowledge I would get. I am definitely hunger for more, that I simply reject everything else. I couldn't wait to see more Sabah's territories  as more development project would take place in rural areas.

I just love it. My passion to see different things. God knows I love it.


VUI SHUNG said...

The SOGT will be the single most significantr Oil and Gas development that Sabahan has ever experience; (furthermore Kimanis Power Plant is only nearby) and certainly your exprience will be more useful (and more effective compare to water treatment) in this area if you would have participate this via Samsung Engineering.

remsauce said...

Yup. That is definitely true. I always dream about doing good deeds toward my state or country, through my participation in every project possible. I will try not to regret every decision I made in this life, because I always get it right. Confident.