Monday, May 11, 2009

Kamu Pikir 2?

Do you still remember the previous entry about me not eating healthy diet last time? Yes. Most of you commented that I would die faster than a die-hard smoker.

So, this entry is like the sequel of the blog entitled “Kamu Pikir?”, which means I would like to name this entry as “Kamu Pikir 2?”.

Few months back, I wrote about me having unhealthy diet consists of only carbohydrate, some bad ingredients and fat. It was true that I did not eat things more than various types of instant noodles, some biscuit product ranges, mee goreng, mee sup, mee kampua, mee apa mee pun ada. After some months with this diet, I felt the changes in my body system. I’m getting fat, unhealthy and worst, my shit becoming so squashy. It was like pressing the edge of toothpaste, but a brown ‘belacan-bintulu’ look alike came out instead of white.

I actually wondered why my shit became this way, because it was never like this as long as I can remember.

It was never like this during my years in Pahang.

It only happens when I entered and stayed in Bintulu. Is it all about the bad environment in Bintulu or what?

After a long search of the causes, I accidently found out the real problem for this occurrence. And it happens to be the things that you eat!

I met with the Nutrimetics : Organic Complex 65 product one day, and started to consume it daily as per instruction. Guess what, the first thing that I found out was, my shit was damn firm, and I enjoyed to discharge my toxin shit! It was like waiting a rain in a never-ending drought and finally the rain comes and changes the whole event of your life. It was never like pressing the edge of toothpaste, because this is some healthy shit we are all talking about.

It is all about the fiber in our food. I can relate to the food I took last few months, which contains no fiber at all. I’m actually lucky to be a normal human being which means I can consume almost every food in the world. With this new founding, I in fact getting more concern to peoples who are not taking veggie as their diet. It is so sad that they are pressing the edge of toothpastes all the time and not enjoying shitting.

Fiber does it all!

p/s: owh, sh*t! too much ‘shit’ word.

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