Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bukan tidak ingat, tapi lupa!

Bukan tidak ingat, tapi lupa!

i have problems in remembering names. Especially when i came across the annual relative gathering every year.

It is a catastropic nuclear explosion when i have to call some of them by their name, worst, their real name.

i have relatively small problem remembering the names of elders, my aunts, uncles and cousins.

But, when it came to the younger generation of the family tree, i will totally sucked up.

So, there are the children gather around me to play, to share story and stuff.

Then i started to call them by their nicknames.

" How are you doing Kereb?"
" I'm not him, I'm Lengkriw."

"Hey, Mutif, don't smack her head!"
*from the distance* "I'm silently watching the TV la over here."
*Mutif 'duplicate' successfully run away after beating her sister*

"Well Hoklem, tell my you hobby."
*Everyone in the house* "She is not Hoklem!"

Some time i just pick the wild card and use it wildly,

" Err...Kereb?"
"Hoklem perhaps?"

I tried every single name that i remember that day, which finally annoys everyone in the house,


Actually, i have worst problem.
i don't even remembered that they are existed. The problem was, i leave home for 6 months and sometimes more and when i got back hometown, they are already walks and runs. i've never seen them as a baby, i mean a real young baby.

I have to admit. These are some of my irresistible question:

"Who's your parents"

"Who's your siblings"

"Where do you live"

"Is Hoklem your sister?"

I am a total stranger!

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