Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shit Happens!

What is the worst thing ever happen to you beside the constipation that got you locked up in toilet for hours?

Bird shit @ droppings.

As a new comer to Klang, i always encounter weird things and funny moments (not really) that seems to be true in movies and not in the real life.

For example, winning of lottery tickets. Our company rented three houses, which is dwelled by my 2 groups of worker and one for the superviser/ manager. The weird thing is that the whole household of the Iban group seems to hit the winning number for several time. Last week was the best, three of them hit the winning number simultaneously. I started to believe in 'hantu' existence in their house. While other would say that, it is their feng-shui in a good state because their soul,body or presence combination. What ever. I just don't believe in gambling.

Old people always remind me not to park under thick leaves tree at night. This would happen to you. We parked our car under the tree without giving enough attention to the enormous bird dropping on the parking floor. At the time we walked back to our car, hundred of eyes were watching from the restaurant accros the road as if they were saying, " Shit happens!". Well, i did said " Owh, shit!" Worst? The car number was listed for the lottery number.

GPS device is really helpfull for new comer to this Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur area. As i bought a new N97 mini, we did tried to drive as far as we could up town depending to the internal built in GPS ability. So far, we conquered Mid Valley.

I was totally lost and confused during the first few weeks after our house was broke in and my laptop was stolen as well as my MP3. After that incident, i bought a PSP just to lose my bore and unimagine imagination. I bought a new MP3 player, just to fill my silent nights. And then i bought a laptop, which was physically new but with troubled screen. Just repaired it last week.

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