Friday, February 1, 2013

Believe In Goat.

This is my experience. My perspective different from yours is not my concern. I don't care what others may think, I just follow my heart.  Do what I want. Don't like it, so beat it!

This construction is related to water intake facility such as upgrading the river bank to a small dam-like. The existing water intake is no more reliable thus the upgrading was proposed by Jabatan Air Pitas to make sure treated water will always enough for the surrounding area.

In the beginning, during the clearing stage, we slaughtered a chicken. That is for the entry payment I assume. If someone asks, "Why would you do that?" , I shall say, "To get rid of the unseen residents, trust me, I'm an engineer." And then everything was good for few months. 

Later, the construction site started to be hit by high water level. No rain whatsoever, but this flood occurs heavily. It does consume our project timeline because it took a whole week just to wait it drains down. One day for the water to rise, one day for high water level, two days for the water to drain out, two days for the soil to harden and better for work. A total of 6 days of waiting, definitely not good. So, we decided to slaughter another animal. Considering the play of the nature was quite good on this one, we go for a bigger one, a goat.

After that, the site was safe one more time, with less hassle from the nature. Things were good now and then but some occurrences was just as weird. Machines drowns. Many times.

The worst one, was the one that almost claim a human soul in the construction site. While installing rocks for the lower-than-water-level gabion, the soils above their head suddenly collapsed and fell unto the workers. While some of them were not affected, one guy was completely disappeared inside the slump. There you go live saving mission bare hand digging mud. 

Everyone saved finally. And they left that site for good.

But, what remains was the unseen. 

I think I owe a goat to the unseen.

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