Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not Dead yet


to sustain a good practice of blogging, number one, must have internet.

and that is all I need.


Now you can see me doing my blogging thingy like few hundred years per blog. Yeah, you people love to read my broken english which I can simply say " Skrew yu. I m not that inglis." but, still enlighten your days before 2012.

I am now waiting for my credit card approval, and upon approval, it means that I am officially a MAN. Number one, internet. Number two, new laptop. Number three, new handphone. Number four, a new girlfriend! Well all this credit should go to the credit card. I Wish!


Anonymous said...

lol.. i don't think no 4 new girlfriend would be a good idea.. ^^

remsauce said...


well honey,

it is from nothing to new girlfriend.

it is actually a good one.

searching for that someone!