Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mengayat - Flirting


In our daily life, we may want to use some fancy dialog to create different situation and sensation. These are some of the fancy words which i saved for my future events.

In an argument:

" You know what is the different between you and a cow? Cow don't wear pants!"

" You just upgraded from a total idiot to a plain stupid."

" Well, I am just a drinking straw that you suck."

" That smells like shit. owh, pardon my nose shit" /*dungot*/

Flirting with the girls, which is rarely happen:

" I worked out mostly to my upper body, that is why i have dashing eyes" /* i used this one actually*/

"Well girls, i am married. Married to my job!"

" I know i'm not handsome, because i am Remsauce."

" Great job with your hair! Seems like you don't need a full plastic surgery after all." /*inappropriate?*/

"Your lips is so dry. Want me to make it a little wet?" /* hot stuff*/

" News flash, you are the most beautiful!" /* bold */

"I thought a beautiful girl only exists in fairy tales and porn movies, you are a living proof!"/* hahaha!! Love this one so much. My great original!*/

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