Friday, February 4, 2011

Sabah Road Tour

Travelling is one of my favourite. So, during the Chinese New  Year holiday, my siblings managed to come up with a brilliant plan to road tour to Keningau, then to Tambunan. We plan to stay overnight in a lodge around Kundasang. The tour will resume in the morning, to join our friends in Poring and lastly visit Luanti before heading home in Tuaran.

Approaching Keningau

Tallest building in the town
After so long, finally, I have the chance to go to this other side of Sabah. I can say that this town must be the busiest town apart from it's satellite towns in that realm. The town was not have much different from Kota Kinabalu. The people were from various races because we can easily define their root, whether they were legal or not. Did I heard the bad rumour about Keningau's population? It is for real.

Our group only manage to stop to buy some food supplies from G-Mart before heading north up to Tambunan.

Gombunan and Tamadon. Get it? Tambunan's real name.
 This town was so interesting. There was almost no activity happening here. Most probably because it was in the afternoon and people were resting. Shop houses and lots were opened, but very few people walks around. It was like, the town was deserted because the goods here were very expensive, and customers go elsewhere to buy their supplies. Maybe it is merrier during 'tamu' day.

Sonny's Villa

Break of dawn view from Willie's lodge. Sonny's Villa.
Break of dawn. Super cold!

Break of dawn. Just chill.

Beautiful morning.
Cold morning was very refreshing in a spiritual way for me. The energy was built up as the dawn turns the black sky to blue. The tree leaves turn to green, and when the mist appeared from everywhere, the dirt of the heart were softened, and evaporated along with the mist to the thin air.

We stayed here overnight after a long journey from Tuaran. We covered Keningau, Tambunan and Ranau.



Open Bath Poring.
Canopy walk Poring.
Poring maybe one of the oldest tourism spot in Sabah, it has built the reputation as an open hot spring bath across the country. Well, it also has some closed hot spring bath exclusively for anyone who are willing to pay or need privacy. They are also several sizes pool available for visitors, which is not sourced from the hot spring, but a humble public pipe.
The canopy walks was built for the brave hearted, because it is so high above the ground, which was connected among trees. I hate it, because I hate height.
 Lodges are provided if you plans to stay here.


Luanti Entrance.

Care to fish?
One that bite your flesh, the other feed from your hand.

Real fish, no joke.
I'm  Cowboy fishing.
It's kinda weird. I've never think anything like this, or even heard about it. Or I just don't bother. I went to the fish spa in KLCC to have some experience on how it feel to be nibbled by a fish. But here, the wild provided a tame fish to nibble your skin. They were tripled bigger size of the fishes in the fish spa in KL.
While another bigger fish will come to you and eat the fish pellets out of your hand. They'll suck your finger too. They were so plump!

Sabah Tea Garden
Tea party!
It is no more British matter.

 Sabah Tea Garden and plantation is the birthplace of the Sabah Tea's product. It is great to visit here to see how the product made and anything related to it. The scenery around it also breath-taking.

In conclusion, Sabah is great for its green scenery and sources for tourism. Everything is about environment. Anything depends on it. Because I was living on industrial based environment for so long, I've forget the beauty of nature. I will vote for green development.

p/s: I'll complaint about the road network on the next post.

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