Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tank Storage Erection: Summary Part 2 (Final).

This is the sequel to Tank Storage Erection: Summary Part 1. This post shows mostly the painting jobs. This is the final review, so I included a short video for the testing of Firewater Pipe Line. And I'm done with it. I did not join the commissioning, but I am lucky enough to join the team from the kickoff through the part final. Great experience.
Here it goes.

Roof plate installation.

Preparation to install roof manhole.

General View for manhole cover.

Roof plate installation in progress.

General View for tank roof.

Roof manhole installed.

General View of tank roof plate.

Touch Up and Painting.

Tank Handrail installed.

Tank Handrail installed.

Touch Up for seam welding.

Second Coat.

Erecting Scaffolding for painting works.


Partial paint job done.

Painting job in progress.

me in red.

Tank Numbering.

Far View.

Tank Handrail painting in progress.

Tank Handrail painting in progress.

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