Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can't Stop Blogging

Am I addicted?

I think I know why I love blogging. It is so much related to my interest of writing. But I hate reading. I love numbers, and both visual and musical arts. But I hate blogs that have too much colors, and I hate the one with music. Maybe people are giving some pleasant environment while browsing their pages, but I hate it. Because I don't enjoy to what you are listening. Maybe. Not in the current mood.

Well, let's see what would happened in the future of blogging. I will stay writing, because it is some sort of my diary. I refer to what I have wrote, just in case I forgot what I have done in those old time. It is quite a reality blog of a reallity people. And I can say, that I have done something along the way, all these years.

I am addicted.

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