Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Great Day to start with...

..witnessing a pigeon's death moment.

This morning, when I was walking entering my working site, I saw a bird terribly flipping up and down on the floor slab. I saw the crows too were making noises around while hovering near the damned pigeon. It took me another five steps approaching the pigeon, when the flipping suddenly stops.

Taking a closer look, pushed the body a little bit, and it was verified. It's dead.

The body shrunk after several hours

The other pigeon wathcing from above.
I spotted another pigeon was hovering and landed on the roof. I remembered that this few weeks, a pair of pigeon was actually here tearing the roof insulation, which likely making their nest there. It's gone now. I suspected that the crows are the villain, attacking this lovely bird to its death.

Around 30 seconds after the final great leap.

Just now, I came back from Econsave Supermarket Pandamaran, and happened to see a veteran Malaysian actor, AR Badul. He was pushing a trolley loaded with food stuff while I smiled and waved at him. He  just gave a big smile and nodded his head. A sign of appreciation.

Actually, I heard he is operating a canteen in Selat Melaka nearby a new shipyard in Pulau Indah, Selangor. So, seeing him buying groceries inside wet market or supermarket will not be so weird at all.


gunsirit said...

Poor thing...nasip teda buli buat sup kan..heeeheeee

remsauce said...


saya sanggup makan kalo saya tidak tahu apa daging yang kena masak.