Thursday, December 23, 2010

PMR Result


 Today, the PMR result was announced. And sorry to say that my brother did not hit the Straight A's magic for his PMR. It's kinda cool though that he missed by only one A, that was for his Bahasa Melayu. Too much of Dusun language perhaps.

I always love when it is time for exam result announcement. Because it is the time for everyone to ask the golden question," What is your result?".

It is so funny if you can divide this two significant type of questions, first, people asks, " Did you pass?". The second one is, "How many A's did you get?".

Sometime not long ago, while I was still studying in a rural school, the students will exchange the ' did you pass' question. It's weird that the most of the student from rural background still struggling 'to pass' exams, and for them, to pass is good enough, well at least to please their non-educated parents.

In the other hand, students from the city or from an educated family will exchange questions like " how many A's" and compare among themselves. In the end, the culture of performing best in academic became so normal and encouraging.

Well, it's all about psychology to encourage mentality of the young. So, every time we ask people around us, let's use the "how many A's" question shall we?


gunsirit said...

It's not the grade that's count, it's how much education did we obtained..

remsauce said...

sometime, i think that education provided kills our creativity. for example, when we are solving mathematic questions, we need go thru steps which will be given particular marks. some kids maybe have less steps, eventually solves the question. despite his genius credibility, he got bad remarks from the teacher.