Thursday, December 9, 2010

Petaling Street

Chapter 1.

Two days ago, me an my friends went to Petaling Street to have a visit as a new comer to this place. Well, I have been here not long ago, but my other friend were definitely excited to come to this place. He has been asking directions and all, and that night, his wish came true.

If people ask me, all I can say is, this place is definitely a 'pasar' or market, where people can buy things at a lower than normal price. This place offers the same experience as when you walk into any 'pasar malam' or market, BUT the biggest difference one would see is, the main language used here is English. This place also the only place I met so many foreign visitors compared to other places around Malaysia. Ironically, the heart of Malaysia's is here.
The goods prices relatively cheaper than those sold in shops. Even the prices are cheaper, the foreigners would not stop themselves from bargain activities. Most of the time, customers won. It's naturally done.

Taxi drivers would line up outside the entrance to pick up customers.

Roof structures specially built to contain this place from harsh weather.
 Chapter 2.


As a student in UMP, we never let holidays to be wasted  just around Pahang. So, we formed a group of 7 and have a pleasant journey down to Kuala Lumpur. So,as a new comer to this land, we decided to explore the heart of Malaysia and opted to stay in any hotel around this city. We chose a cheap hotel exactly in the heart of Petaling Street, as it would be easier for us to walk around and about.

I remembered that we visit places like Menara Kuala Lumpur, Times Square, Lot10, Sg. Wang, Low Yat, Dataran Merdeka and so on.

One little incident did happened though. When we woke up in the morning next day, my friends realize that their wallets and hand phones gone missing. The night before, they left them on the room's table, along with a laptop. The mystery was, the laptop remained untouched, while the wallet and hand phone disappeared. So, we assumed that, the thief would be the 'makcik cleaner' or someone who does not know about a laptop value.

What to do? The missing Identity Card needs to be reported to Police Station. We walked about and found a Police Station.

Petaling Street : Light switched off
Petaling Street: Light Switched Off

Chapter 3.

The atmosphere inside the station was less than welcoming, as we could see so many people waited their turn quite long. It was interesting though, seeing a woman and other woman eagerly approaching the police officers to  report an abuse case. All I can understand from what I have seen was, the woman was a good Samaritan alongside the other woman, an abused Indonesian maid, trying to report a police case against the abusive manner of her employer.

" Ini kawan saya sudah kena dera dengan majikan dia, tapi polis nampaknya tidak mahu ambil kes ini. Ini la jadi kalau asyik makan rasuah." I heard she said this to someone inside the waiting room.

" Itu perempuan mau buat repot polis, pasal pembantu rumah kena dera oleh majikan. Kamu kenal Dato' / Datuk @@@? Itu la majikan dia. Macam mana mau ambil repot ni." I overheard the police talking to themselves behind the counter.

All I can say is, we are weak thus put our life in their hands, but they protect the stronger parties. Justice fails. In the end of the day, they would sum up the total case for the day, and wrote them as another statistic for the month.


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