Friday, December 24, 2010

How Cool are my Villagers

It's the least expected thing I want to see happening around my kampung. While I was playing the guitar, my bigger brother suddenly stopped me.

"Wait for it..." he said while pointing his finger outside the window.

I laughed very hard as I see the vehicle passed drove by an auntie on the bumpy gravel road outside near my house.

"You'll see more of those in next the kampung", he added.

"How...", I want to be more specific.

"The vehicles were broken, and resorts from where this people works released it to anyone interested. Some mechanic from their kampung repaired it. And that's how it done!", he said.


I always fantasized things like this all the time, I mean, driving an electric golf car around kampung. Showing it to people around. Paint it to some extravagant colors, black orange perhaps. Turn this baby into solar-powered vehicle. and more and more and more! Kihooii!! 

I just like it, it has a kinky feeling.

Get it? It's a guy thing!

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