Sunday, January 16, 2011

God or Demon?

        Last time, Sabah was hit with the appearance of images in Keningau. It was quite significant to the Christian community because the images was related to their beliefs, and frankly change peoples life.

The latest appearance occurred somewhere in Tamparuli district. The image appeared at a dead tarap tree bark near a house, which is located just five meter away. On one night, a boy who happens to be the house member, went downstairs to visit the bathroom. On the way, he saw the dead tree glowing in the dark, thus showing the image. He went upstairs and told his mother. They both came down and confirmed that the image was so much like Jesus. So, the boy stayed there, sitting in his own  pool of tears.

Following are the images people would see if they come to see the latest appearance in Tamparuli.

The image of Jesus, captured few days after it was discovered.

Captured near the top left of the image. It was not a 3D image.

Captured from right side of the image

Captured from in front.

The image was not a 3D image but a whole illusion made out of colour tones. If you love portrait drawing, you'll see that the artist are using colour tones to make a 3D faces on their masterpiece. It is a brilliant technique.

Now, the question is, which brilliant 'supernatural artist' did this?

God or Demon?

Maybe it is a sign. Or maybe it is just illusion. Don't just believe on anything you can see, but believe things that are unseen too.


gunsirit said...

I think it is just a natural occurrence of an image of something that we may believe to represent our belief. It's a work of nature.

remsauce said...

weird huh. So lets hope those people dont get too excited to pray to the old dead tarap tree.