Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've seen it in the Television!

Well, nothing is weird until you read about this one.

A guy came to me and admitted that he never actually seen a live frog. It was freaky enough for me because I have encounter countless jumpy frog all around me. Yes, because I was raised in an integrated environment of half-modern  world, where human and wild animals live together. I never thought that the most available creature is actually hidden from this guy sight till his 30's.

It made me think.

I agree that people who lives in the city, high class population or modern environment will have different attitude. They tend to see the future and less enjoying the present. For them, everything should be new and highly engineered. Less will think about where the resources coming from. They lose interest to animals, plants and raw materials.

 Other reason is that the concrete environment in modern population  reduces the chances of living for animals. They are treated like a threat and the food-chain just don't exist.

Will you ask the audience from the big cities like Kuala Lumpur, questions like this?

To the kids in KFC restaurant. " Have you ever seen a live chicken?"

To the people eating Bak Kut Teh. " Have you ever seen a live pig?"

To the people pumping their car tyre. " Have you ever seen a live rubber trees?"

To the cook preparing a fried mee. " Have you ever seen a live palm oil fruit?"

And so many other common things.

Well, in the television maybe!

and the zoo!


gunsirit said...

Frankly, I haven't seen a live kangaroo hehehe

remsauce said...

hehe. actually i mean common animals.