Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!


That is Sabahan new resolution for 2011. Last night new year eve celebration was corrupted with some stupid electrical failure around Tuaran district. It was definitely same as an impotent guy tries to get his man-piece fully functioning, half dead.  It was clear that the raising need of electrical during celebrations like this will cause power imbalance, especially to feed the extra merry bulbs in streets, houses, clubs and entertainment centres.

Well I don't want to create another debate about 'no to coal power plant in Sabah'. What done is done.

But I love to share that, wind farming in Kudat area is progressing very good. I ask a question in Yahoo Answers about Kudat feasibility to become a wind farm area, and some good guy answered and provided a link to a site.

Let's pray that this project goes very well in the future.

Sabah Go Green!

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