Sunday, January 9, 2011

Golf Ball & Reflexology

Awesome simple method!

I've been watching my dad doing massage to others and made believe that this traditional method actually cures illness and sickness. Even today he is not doing it to others, he still at least do it to himself, especially to his foot area. He uses a small blunt piece of 1/2" x 1/2" wood stick, apply some rubbing oil, and start rubbing his feet, according to his knowledge in reflexology.

Today, he had invented ( I think so)  simple method which simplify the whole tiring process of foot reflexology massage. The simple requirement including a golf ball, some piece of cloth and a piece of foot reflexology knowledge.

Golf Ball
 First, you need to be seated where you can reach your feet on the floor.

Then, put that piece of cloth on the floor where your feet rests.

After that, put that golf ball on that piece of cloth. The whole idea of putting the cloth is to make sure that the ball would not slip away during the rubbing process.

Finally, step on the ball and roll it. Apply it with some pressure, but please refer to the reflexology diagram so you know what you are doing.

Areas of the foot
Anyone can do it! Live healthier today.

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