Thursday, March 10, 2011

Longest Holiday since 2007

Goodness Gracious!

How light your life will be after a long holiday? I think that my emotional breakdown was caused by a need of a long holiday. That's all I need.

I remember an incident during my time in Bintulu, one of our supervisor suddenly turns to rage mode, and off to meet the Western guy in the main client office. All I heard was, he wanted to meet that Western guy and complain, but perhaps the weather was hot, and he starts to show some punch accuracy to that Western guy's face.

He was jumped on by several others, brought down and a police report was filed. Good for him.

But I love the best remark from that western guy. He said," Your boss didn't give enough leave, did he?"

Yeah, Western people are quite creative in a critical moment sometimes. Same as the former American President Mr. Bush remarks about the shoe size just after he's been thrown a pair of  it.

Well, after visiting hell in every level like burnt into ashes and brought back to life and burnt again to death, I think this quite long holiday starts to replenish my mana (magical power) and health bar all the way to 100%.

There are few quests that I need to finish from this point onwards. For those who don't know, I already quit my job, but now I am back hunting again. That's my first quest. Finding a suitable girlfriend will be number two. Deciding what Master course should I take will be number three, will it be engineering  course or business course?

After all, time is the reliable measure for everything. Thanks for the two months holiday. Then I just wait.

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