Monday, March 28, 2011

Sabah Keretapi

Sabah Keretapi 

This is the upgraded version of train in Sabah: they just up and operational. They are using the same track of the old train, but the track itself has been upgraded too. How does it feel riding the older version, and yeah, apart from the noisy mechanical dry-humping clinks. 

The interior part of the train is quite pleasant, maybe because it is new. Not to emphasize the fact that this facility is mostly used during weekends. That is why with the schedule, one ride in the morning, and another one in the evening. Train life span should be up to 20 years. In between, no upgrades for youuu ~ ~...

The train accelerates up to 100km/h, but most of the time, it was always around 50 ~ 60 km/h. The tracks don't have any safety fence, say, to divide a deadly area from normal friendlier living-hood. So, anything would show up unexpectedly (should I say, they do), from wild animals, ignorant drivers and suicidal people. 

I don't know should I be happy with the overall attempt to impress Sabahan people. Maybe I am just greedy, I want more, I want it all type of person. I believe in facility development as the foundation of modernization, sorry to bother the environmentalists. Maybe, it's just it. Enough to fulfill the demands. 

In the past, I happened to read the project value of Landasan Berkembar in Peninsula Malaysia, at first sight, I thought it was 11 mln. (MYR 11,000,000). But my colleague had me corrected. It was 11 bln, like, MYR 11,000,000,000. Good for them. I mean, who wants to use the road highways, closed guard with trolls collecting tolls sucking our bloody money like a vampire in Twilight movies? And I hate both Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. Period.

Outro: weird? the tracks passes exactly through the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal facility.  

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