Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wind Turbine Recipe Book Received

Queen's Head Stamp United Kingdom

Printed Papers = Book
It's finally here. After two months of waiting, it is finally here. When I was a little bit crazy last year, I thought that Sabah would be a great place for wind energy development, despite the real fact that Sabah maybe not up to the expectation. So I bought this book from some company in the United Kingdom; paid through Paypal for MYR70+,waited helplessly because it was sent via air mail which means no tracking record, and I even thought it was a scam!

I always wanted to learn more about green energy from sources available around Sabah, such as the wind, solar and biomass. The best part is, Sabah Coal Power Plant project has already been canceled on February 2011, leaving us greener than ever. But, something has be done, because we still indeed in need of power electrical supply. 

What a shame? Our power electrical failure seems to happen 2-3 times daily. Sometimes, they were not completely down, but that unstable low power actually damaging our domestic electrical and electronic system around the house and office. I just hate it. Well, I actually say out loud, "Thanks people for bringing the Sabah Coal Power Plant project down." We need power. Need POWER.

Great drawing details inside.
I will seek some time to do this project. And money too. Because the construction of the parts are quite critical, especially the requirement to reduce vibration during the operation. Rotating machine worst enemy : Vibration. I can imagine how easily parts break apart due to vibration or earthquake? May God bless Japan and its people, and everyone who are directly or indirectly affected by the disaster.

Thanks by the way, for the people who encourages green energy. Love you all!

Land Below the Wind solution? 

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