Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Bully

This story has been long forgotten. But now I remember. And this might be the first time ever I joined 'the bad side' as a road bully, I think so. 

 Few years back, while I was staying in my friend's house in Miri, this freaking event does change my life forever. No,just saying. 

We were just finished our meal that afternoon, was it lunch or minum petang, I couldn't remember. So, we're at the parking lot, just about to fully reverse the car to the road, suddenly we all heard thud at the back of the car. Definitely we hit someone's car, and that other car actually also reversing at the same moment like us. That was so back-to-back.  
who knows what kind of hazard may happen.

Back-to-back We're in the yellow car.
 And we set to our parking position again. Ready to kick some action here. While one car, who might be waiting for a our parking before the collision occurred, just drove away fast. While writing this, after few years, I just discovered that driver should have warned us like blow the horn or something. Because he saw everything, didn't he? Damn, I hate that guy!
There he goes ignorant driver.
It's funny though. If you view from the rear-view mirror, you may see the objects behind the car should proportionally getting bigger as you reverse your car. But, definitely not aware that the car behind also reversing exactly at the same moment as you are. So, there you go, shit happens.

Funny number two, our car was actually belongs to my friend's aunt, Brunei citizen, as her car shows a Brunei registration number. So, our friend went out to meet that other guy, as the rest of us stay inside the car. And they started talking.

Funny number three, my friend is a physically big guy. With a fierce  look of a potential thug killer. They arguing about who was to blame and so on. Of course that other guy was some local Miri people trying to show who's boss, just because we were some Brunei visitor whatever.

Funny number four, my friend speaks dark rare deep fluent Melayu Sarawak. He is good at it, he sounds so fluent that original Melayu Sarawak people sounds not. The other guy should be bothered by my friend's pronunciation right now. But not, they were still arguing. And my friend is a competitor.
Who is to be blame?
Funny number five, I can't stand the heat inside the car, so I went out. And I am physically big guy myself. I leaned against our car, while my hands crossed on my chest. In casual manner, I am not look like a thug, but in that case, I brought out what I called as, 'the face'.
Intervention of the third party.

And after a very short while, they done talking. They shook their hands and took our path separately. No money involved. Just, two big guys and thumbs up for 'the face'.

Thumbs Up!

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