Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Day

Thursday, 27 March:

8.00 am

I woke up this morning at 7.45 to catch up my bus to KL. The bus will actually depart from Kuantan at 8.30 morning. So, its mean that i have some time to prepare myself for the whole day journey. To be exact, I bought the AirAsia ticket the other day, for two-way-four-days-trip to Sabah. The whole main idea is that I have to attend my big brothers' wedding on the saturday. Yup. The first wedding in our family which I can say, something big and important for all the siblings to attend to. At this point, I can confirm my status already changed from 'belia' to 'beliau'. The bride already can be me, despite for being young and dangerous at whole time. I am old enough to get my own matrimony.

I looked out through the window to the parking section in front of our house, deciding whether to walk or use the bicycle. It is already 8.15 am. Keeping in mind that I will take around 15 minutes if I walk to the bus station in front of my varsity,then I decided to use the bicycle. The bicycle I used was neither mine nor my housemates. My bicycle was stolen when I was out few days back. My roomates' bicycle also has the same fate as mine, only the fact his bicycle went missing few days earlier than mine. So whose bicycle I was riding? If I am not mistaken, my roomate took this bicycle as the exchange when he found out his bicycle was not around. Great deal.

8.45 am

Lucky me. The bus was not yet passed our varsity. I am getting nervous when the bus is not showing up for at least 10 minutes since I get there. What a relief it is finally here,in his purple painted with Bulan Restu name at his side. Sitting on my lucky number 22 seat, I recalled my funny experiences during my earlier days as an incompetent bus rider. One tragedy I can remember was during the time when we were on our trip to KL. Seven of us, left by the bus because we were late to present ourselves at the station. Solution: we issued new ticket so that we can ride the next bus. The second tragedy, is when three of us were late to catch the bus. Solution: We also issued new tickets. I learned a lot by these tragedies. First, never issue the Transnasional ticket because the bus will pass the varsity around 8.20 and second, try to beat the clock laa..

11.05 am

We stopped somewhere in the middle earth. I simply dont know the place.

12.20 pm

I finally arrived in Pekeliling. You know what it is like to have everything has been planned, and all the thing you have to done is the execution part. My plan is simply step-by-step as below:

1) Stop at Pekeliling.

2) Take the KL Monorel( i just found out this name).

3) Go straight to KL Sentral.

4) Take the SkyBus( bus to LCCT, the AirAsia airport)

5) Check-in

I done everything right, except that I went to Times Square something I never planned. I stepped into a bookstore (Borders is the name) and bought a #1 national bestseller book ( as it mentioned it self) "Trump: The Art of The Deal". I lingered myself for hours there and amused myself at the foreign section. At least I spent something in the bookstore. Rm32.90 was the cost.

2.20 pm

I walked out the building. Caught the next monorel and went straight to KL Sentral. To be honest, this is the second time I use the bus service to LCCT. Most of my flight actually using the Malaysian Airlines System which available from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur transit to Kota Kinabalu. Flying in different company means that you have to learn their own track.

For AirAsia passenger:

1) The easiest way is to take a bus from KL sentral, the SkyBus to be exact.

2) This bus will directly send you to LCCT.

3) Do the same thing backward if you landed on LCCT.

For MAS passenger:

1) Take a flight from your city to KLIA or go to KL Sentral take the *what* transport pay *rm36* or bus or taxi. I dont know other transport.

2) You will arrive in KLIA.

As a note, LCCT and KLIA is not the same airport. It is a different hub, whereby the KLIA is luxurios looking airport and comfortable too while the LCCT is simple and packed with people from around the country.

3.45 pm

I arrived here in LCCT after the one hour fifteen minutes journey. I slept at all times because the aircond feels so good and I was already tired and sleepy. Standing outside and making myself comfortable to the air,I watched the ocean of peoples in this airport. It is like an endless flow. One goes in, one goes out. More goes in, more goes out. I am sure this guy who founded the AirAsia company is making a big fortune here. *sigh* Tony Fernandez is making a total profit.

4.00 pm

I walked back and forth the building to find a spot for me to rest. It is simply packed. Everywhere was occupied. I read every signboard there and finally spotted a good phrase there,"More seats is availabe at the Arrival hall" with an arrow showing the other part of the building. With no second thoughts, I went there.

6.00 pm

I was still sitting there watching hundreds of passenger whom safely landed on earth again. While I was there, I tried to consume the words from the book I just bought and managed to finish the second chapter. At that moment, I knew I was already starving. Time for dinner. I take a walk to McDonald fastfood restaurant and ordered menu number 4. As I said before, there was simply no place to put your ass down. I saw a guy having his meal alone at the corner, and I joined him.

"Hi. Bole saya duduk sini?"

"Hi. Bole bole silakan."

I think this guy is a Malay, around his 27th.

"Awak ni orang mana?"

"Owh, saya ni orang sabah."

"Masih study ke? Kat mane?"

Then I explained I am a student of UMP as an final year student. He even try to guest that I am from varsity Perlis.

"Hoho. Bukanlah. Dari Pahang sebenarnya. Yang tu UNIMAP."

And we both laughed. I think he is friendly. I asked where does he live. He told me that he is actually from Subang. An uptown boy I guest. We talked more about himself. He is a student of becoming a pilot under the *what* company. I dont really remember. I asked so many things about becoming a pilot. It is something that sounds interesting to talk about. I ask about the eye thing. I ask about the height thing.

"Awak taknak jadi pilot ke?"


And we both laughed again. I just shaked my head and I sighed deep. We talked more about Sabah. We speak about the gunung kinabalu. I love it when he admitted Sumandak sabah totally hot and pretty. waw...He himself has a Sabahan girlfriend, no wonder he tried to has the accent of a Sabahan when he talked to me. I watched the time, and it was already 7.00 pm. Alamak. We exchanged our details then I thanked him for giving me the chance to join him that afternoon. As I walked to the check in counter, I tried to recall his name. It is Razak. Or Razali. Or Ramli. Haha. Memory full cannot save name.

7.03 pm

"Sori encik, tapi saya memang tak dapat tolong"

That was the exact word from the guy at the check in counter. To be true, I was felling very very dumb because I already missed the flight. My flight was supposed to be at 7.30 pm. The national rule says that, every passenger should have checked in 45 minutes before their scheduled flight. And I missed it. Solution? I reissued the ticket for the next flight for rm335. Money money money...

9.30 pm

I checked in early. I lined up early. I entered the plane early. After the short safety brief and belt was fastened, we took off. There was nothing much I can do in the fly. I tried to read the air-hostess name tag, and managed to read the name of the hottest air-hostess. Her name is Wendy. She was pretty. She speaks Malay, English and Chinese too. I overheard a pakcik asking her details.

"saya orang Penampang la bah, mana lagi"

12.00 am

We landed safely at the airport. I was happy to be at different athmosphere again. Because Sabah smells good, I inhaled the air. I was waiting for my Lovelypapa to pick me home. He said to wait another 30 minutes. And I waited.

1.00 am

"Mana kau?"

"Di airport entah mana ni, nda tau"

"Owh, ko sana terminal 2 tu"

"Yala kali"

"Kami sini terminal 1 ba ni, kami datang ambil kau sekarang"


Can you imagine? Two different terminals using two different hubs. Everyone have to get use over this matter. So confusing.

1.05 am

They arrived and picked me up. We hit the main road and headed to have supper somewhere in *what name* place. I ordered Mee goreng and Jus Tembikai( gelas besar maybe 1L). I managed to finish everything. After a burp, we hit the road again.

2.50 am

We arrived home safely despite of that my Lovelypapa was already fell asleep on the road and my brother took over the responsiblity to drive us home.

What a day..

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