Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Abangku

The Bride and Groom plus their sidekicks

The wedding ceremony was held on Saturday, 29th March 2008 at St. John, Tuaran. As I always attend to any wedding ceremonies, this one is no more special than others. The special moment was to see your eldest brother tied his life to the women he loves. It feels so different. It is not like the goosebump I always get when they were 'manja-manja' to each other. Euww... But of course the feel of responsibility to make sure their matrimony last forever. Yup, the siblings should also take part to make sure their married siblings to hold on to their oath.

freakin brother and me
My brother was given the handycam to take pictures around. But in the end, he seems not doing it well. So, my father took over. Actually, in my personal thought, it was no good to ask the family member to shoot the event of their own family. I am totally disagree if my face is not included in the film or the pictures. So do my brother.

Family members - me, mama, freakin brother

We sat at the front row at the church. I only aware that my sisters was no where in the front row when I see this pic. At the far right at the same row were my cousins. They were still small and cute too. Where are my sisters?

Second reading..
I was told to do the second reading at a very last minute. While I was sticking the golden decorations at my costume at almost midnight, my eldest brother called me. During that time, he was at the wife-to-be-but-of-course-at-this-moment-they-are-already-married residence.
" Helo mon."
" Ya. Apa barang?"
"Bisuk kau pembacaan kedua."
And that was it. I did the second reading. I think that I might have the quality of Sabah Boleh. Have you ever heard of the phrase?
" Bulih ba kalo kau...!"
I am sure it is weird.
Wedding Ceremony
The wedding event was blessed by Fr. Thomas. As you can see, there are two couples. But I dont know about the other couple. My Lovelymama said they have not announced their matrimony as what is required to be done few weeks before the real date. My Lovelymama said they 'main terjun' without preparation. But luckily they were given the blessing ceremony.

Im not there [ freakin family]
This is the whole family. Now I can see my sisters. Guess where am I? I hope I will always stand tall behind my Lovelymama despite of our lack of relationship. More of that, this is the only pic the family took together but at least people can see my eyebrows. I know they are cute.

Host - George Lian

After the wedding blessing ceremony at the church, we went to the 'kenduri' place. The 'kenduri' was held in the village's hall. The reason is that the wife-merankap-kakak-ipar's house did not has enough space to occupy many people. Her house is at the top of steep hill. Just imagine this, 200 people climbed the Mt. Kinabalu, and reached to the highest peak of Low's Peak, then 200 people stand at the top at one time. Can you tell what happen next? I am sure they will make it into the Guiness World of Record. Haha. Breaking a new record [ ideaRaymondJ ], and some people might fall of course.

The host for this 'kenduri' was George Lian, an old timer singer in Sabah. This was the second time I saw him hosting a 'kenduri kawen'. Not so disappointing yet can be improve. After the 'makan-makan', the athmosphere became hot and people started to dance. It was a moment you could tell who is my relatives or not. Most people on the dance floor were mine. So weird...

Dusun Lotud Custome

See their smile? I am too very happy to be part of this family. To my kakak-ipar-merangkap-isteri-abangku-yang-comel, semoga terus bahagia bersama dengan keluargaku yang pelik2 ini.

Selamat Pengantin Baru.


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sure saya akan datang sekalipun di antartika.

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