Monday, March 31, 2008

Local Fruit Promotion

I always have this thing running in my mind. As a good citizen of Malaysia, I am thinking of doing something to promote the local fruit. While I am actually involved in the ‘self-project in promoting Malaysia’, I want to do something unusual regarding the local fruit.

dont want to be a banana man
I want to be a ‘walking advertisement’. I am not thinking of carrying those fruits along with me, yet it can be done, but it is just hard.

this is heavy

The best idea is to get it stick to my body.

big head

And the best is to make it printed all over my body.

Let’s get it tattooed.

Tattoo of local Malaysia fruit!

haha. That is just cool. Who would expect you to draw a 'buah naga' *not a local fruit*tattoo instead of the naga( dragon).
Is this dragon?
Dragon fruit
Next time you enter the tattoo centre, you just tell them, " As a good Malaysian citizen, i like to draw half-eaten banana with durian beside it. Make sure that you draw the rambutan too. Make it looks fresh, so people will be tempted to try this local fruit.''

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