Monday, May 5, 2008

Ideology collision.

Sometime, we might ask ourselves, whether our ideologies are actually can be implemented together with the religion. We believe in God, but in the meantime, we are practising the ancestor beliefs. Maybe we are not aware of these matters, but sometime, it just happen. Yet, in this modern day, it become so beautiful and strengthen the feeling of being that particular tribal root.

Something that I never heard and see before.

My grandma is one of the elder that still remain healthy till today. She lives her life mostly in traditional way. Maybe because of this, she has the reflection of the traditional Lotud. They have the phrases express while removing the decorations or known as kakaroh.

" Aiso no di orualan id tulu"

*/tiada lagi sakit kepala/*

*/no more headaches/*

" Aiso no orualan id tinan om aiso no, aiso no di nunu nopo sakit ko' oruol. Aiso nodi norualan do ginawo. "

*/ tiada lagi sakit-sakit badan dan tiada, tiada lagi apa saja sakit. Tiada lagi sakit hati/*

*/ no more physical pain and no, no more any pain or illness. No more heartaches/*

" Noukab no ralan. Noiduan no koususaan. Aiso no oruol."

*/jalan da terbuka. Kesusahan telah dibuang. tiada lagi kesakitan/*

*/ path is opened. Suffers are removed. no more pain/*

This is the first time I see this ritual. But it was really beautiful.

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