Monday, May 5, 2008

Save The Proboscis Monkey

Dear God

I was serving mankind.

I am writing to ask you;

do you let monkeys in heaven?

I hear that there are trees in heaven.

If I am allowed in heaven, can I climb trees?

I have never been allowed to climb a tree.

I have been serving mankind.

If I am allowed in heaven, will my mother be in heaven too?

The reason I ask, dear God,

I was forcefully taken from my mother as an infant,

to serve mankind.

Just once I would like to cling to her,

tell her I missed her.

I have been a helping hands monkey all my life.

If I am allowed in heaven God,

will I be able to take the pack off my back,

will I be allowed to take the shock mechanism off my tail,

I am told it is for positive reinforcement,

to better serve mankind.

Will I get my teeth back?

They were extracted to better serve mankind.

Will I be free to be what I was born to be ~a wild animal?

Will I still be called a hellion,



and not what was expected of me when I was serving mankind?

I have been a research monkey all my life,

and suffered great loneliness,

pain and then death in a cold,

stainless steel cage.

I was serving mankind.

I have been a pet monkey all my life.

I have been neglected,



fed the wrong diet,

kept in a small cage and have been denied the company of my own species all my life.

I was serving mankind.

~Linda Barcklay for all the suffering primates~

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