Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sabah Windmill

Great great great.

Imagine at one busy afternoon, while you are typing your very important report on the computer, and the power supply suddenly 'kaput'! Takda karan. Putus. Five seconds after that, the power supply reconnect and act like an innocent virgin. Yeah, imagine that! Your documents / reports too gone in one second. What are you going to do?

This type of scenario is rather true to the Sabahans people, and they commonly blame the SESB for slacking in power generation and distribution.

I don't get it actually.

Why would you call a state as Sabah: Land Below the Wind but never dig the good out of it. Hello, people! The reason is, Sabah is literally placed under the typhoon belt at South China Sea. The wind blows at a convincing speed at Kudat area ( i blogged about Simpang Mengayau ), which is meeting the requirement to set up a wind farm. Ask Germany! They will provide the technology to us.

Philippine already established a wind farm located at its north archipelago, and in the process of setting up another one, as the expansion. Indonesia is progressing on its first wind farm somewhere in Sumatra. While Thailand and Vietnam are expanding their wind power projects to support the green policy of the world while providing enough electricity supply to the rural areas.

Ok. Ok. I propose this.

1. Since Borneo Sabah Sarawak is given the green light to lead in green policy, Malaysia government should grant Big amount of money to Sabah, to set a wind farm. The denied coal plant project should be forgotten and let the proboscis monkey to be happy again. Electricity problem solved.

2. Phase 2 of Borneo Sabah Sarawak green policy. Grant money, loan, whatever to the Bakun Dam project. Let finish that project and supply the electricity everywhere it can reach, including Phillipine, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia.

3. The government should maximize the natural sources in oil and gas industry. Develop Bintulu as a Gas Town by installing gas piping system to some planned vast town and home area. Copy Brunei's technology and put it to our development. Do great things to Miri and Kimanis ( Sabah ) too. What can a 'biggest oil and gas hub in the world' do?

4. Well, in another 50 years, green policy may not be suitable to be associated with Borneo Sabah Sarawak, since Energy policy will make it way to the top. Borneo Sabah Sarawak should have a Green Research and Development Centre, by now anyway.

4. The explosion of energy development both in green ( wind farm Sabah, Bakun dam Sarawak ) and from the natural resources ( oil and gas ) should call the attention of the world. We will lead the world in green stuff. Just keep the rainforest alive and tourism will bloom.

5. I always think about the development of a dam will  destroy the life of many and everything inside it. The main problem is the creation of the water reservoir. Let think about using the sea as a reservoir. Hmm..there are so many technology should be develop first. The sea reservoir is there, but how to make it works just like a river dam reservoir are still undiscovered. Well, I like to work this one out. Care to join?


gunsirit said...

Ngam juga tu pasang windmill, good for the environment too..

remsauce said...

untung sekarang ada khabar sedang buat study, kalo lagi lima tahun pun tadak, mimang hantu la.

isma said...

wehh..aku ada kawan keje ngn SESB.try la propose kat die.huhuhu

remsauce said...

ini barang sebenarnya bergantung kepada investor. kalo investor luar tadak minat nak majukan, yg dalam negara ni pula jgn nak harap la. indonesia dapat investor dr korea, dan orang indonesia kaya sendiri. filipina mmg dpt grant dr negara. kalo aku ada wang juta2, mau juga invest buat windfarm sendiri.