Friday, October 8, 2010

I Drink Mineral Water

Green and Blue ( mineral water), White (tap water)

Perhaps, not everyone of us are aware of this thing.

The color of the water bottles cap we bought from retail shops are different.

So, the categories are divided into two. Mineral water and so-called-modern-processed water.

I like mineral water because of its taste and texture. It is soo smooth and I can swallow twice as much more than the processed water without making my stomach bloat.
Well, it is expensive, but the water source are found underground somewhere in Perak with real minerals in it. I heard an Ipoh guy talks about their 'kueh teow' soo smooth that you can finish with a single slurp. I think the secret lies to the water source.
Revelation after revelation.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Water play an important role in our life. We should have pure clean water for cooking, drinking, bathing and etc..:)

Nice blog here.

Have a pleasant weekend.. :)

remsauce said...

yeah. water is gift. the only sign of life existence.