Friday, October 8, 2010


Liquefied Petroleum Gas

This is the storage for liquefied gas looks like.

In science, it is clearly said that the pressure that builds up inside any closed container will push the container wall in all direction.
So, perhaps some mechanical engineering calculation suggests that the best shape for highly pressurized container is a sphere. Well, do not worry. Every engineering in Oil and Gas aspects are bind with codes and standards used worldwide. Such as, petrochemical tank storage used API 650, and so on.
This plant main activity is to load the gas cylinder with cooking gas, before it is distributed around Peninsular Malaysia.
Safety issues are very important in this plant. First, because the pressurized gas cylinders are everywhere. Secondly, gas can silently crawl to your innocence respiration system and put you to sleep.
Yep, introduction to other petroleum product.

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