Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Love Loud Music?

Last night, me and my friends went to see some live concert at Jaya Jusco Aeon Bukit Tinggi. The concert was held at the parking lot and the sponsors as I can see was Astro and Yup, it was a Chinese concert.

We reached there at around 9.40pm, and the show was over. Well at least we could see they sang the closing song. What a freak. And at least we could see hundreds of home folks and most importantly those 'chickas'@ babes@ amoi. I mean, where else you can find a gathering of beautiful babes anywhere. Or I am getting horny? It's been long.

The loud concert music clearly revealed my true self. I was simply tapping my foot and started nodding silently. Well I just admit it. I love loud music!

Maybe it is all started in the youthful age. Joining church choirs and events such as Christian concerts where all  the dancing started. Music seems to creep and remain in the heart of youngsters like me.

My crazy days in the university may be the biggest influence for the cause. I jammed with friends and played as a bassist and improving over time. We tend to play rock song ( yeah, it's a boys thing ), and definitely used our money unwisely by renting the jamming studio 2 - 3 hours which sounds like money rocketed to the roof. We came there on a weekly basis like we own the place. I tell you, everything was crazy.

I attended to pubs in Bintulu sometime. It is not the drinking that impress me. It was always the crowd. They sing and dance ( well, so do I ). I love it when the loud music possesses my body, at some decibel point of course. There was some point that the loud music level was just enough, and more than that, it is irritating. Blasting my innocent ears.

Right now, with earphones in my both innocent ears, I am blasting them with highly decibel music!

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