Thursday, October 7, 2010

Petrochemical Products ( i'm drowning, asphysxiation)

I HATE PETROCHEMICAL PLANT! ( 'Like' button please!)

So, after a whole year round working inside a petrochemical plant, I want to admit that, nature is still the best.
The plant is a place for storage before re-distribution around Peninsular Malaysia. For information, petrochemical products are coming from petroleums and used widely for the development of other products such as glue, plastic, paint coat and others. It is so visible that who ever hold the source of petroleums, indirectly hold the human lives in the universe.

These are among the product which silently creeps into my lung and try to suffocate me.

Some products are sweet scent which is used for the perfume product.
Some barely smells like plastic.
Some will make you dizzy.
Some will try to kill you, if they are highly concentrated in the air.
Some will make you cough and red eye.
Some will make you have a sore throat.
Some caused irritations.
They are all bad products and harmful to human health. And if you ever see any 'stop pollution ad' anywhere that showing drums of all colours, this would be it.

Industrial Chemical, that's her evil sister.

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