Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Money Matters


Pinjam Rm1000, dapat Rm900, Bayar Rm1000.

Loan Rm1000, Take Rm900, Pay Rm1000,

Chapter 1.

I called the hotline provided behind the bank slip, and manage to get the office number for the bank in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Then, I called the number and was put on hold. It seems that the long wait was not abundant. I dialled the same number again, and this time, the officer said that the person I want to talk to was not at presence, that she may probably at the other office at Bukit Tinggi. The officer then gave me another number which was probably the office number at that other branch. So, I simply dialled that number and hoping someone will actually answer me.

The other end was picked up, but put on hold for few minutes.

I hung up. And I dialled again.

The officer finally pick the phone after few minutes, just to tell me that the person I want to talk to was not at presence. She told me that the Puan I want to talk to may be in Jusco Bukit Tinggi branch, and recommended me to contact that office.

" Hah, what? I called that branch just now, but they gave me this number. And I called this number just to be told that I should call that office branch?"

"We're sorry for any inconvenience caused, sir. But, the situation is that Puan is working at two offices, and from 8.00am till 5.00pm, she is here. After office hour, she will attend the other office in Jusco Bukit Tinggi."

"Wow, that's just hard. Well, it's past 5.00pm now, I should call that office branch."

"Ok, Sir. Is there anything else I can assist you?"

"Nope, thanks." /*annoyed* ~_~

" Hello, may I speak to Puan?"

"She's not in yet, I better give you her personal number."


So, I have the conversation with Puan and we closed it with an appointment promised at the following week.

Chapter 2.

I contacted Puan that afternoon to confirm our appointment but was not picked up. I received a SMS late that afternoon that sounds promising. " You can meet my colleague at 9.00pm"

15 minutes before 9.00pm, I was there at their main entrance but not a glimpse of Puan was in sight. One last officer was still inside, and I attended to her. She's cute, but not available. The following items were our subjects summed up.

1. Puan was not there, and She Officer did not related or know to any of Puan's promises. ~ i was f*cked up.
2. We talked about other stuff.
a) ASB, the most years you should loan is 10. More than that, you are paying crap. ~ almost f*cked up.
b) PVS, personal value saver sounds promising. ~ looking foward for this one.
c) She Officer has a Loan Shark friend. ~ cool...
d) Loan Rm1000, Get Rm900, Pay Rm1000. Loan Shark gets Rm100 twice, which summed Rm200. ~ never think about this one.

With some knowledge acheived, I went home. Bigger mission aborted.

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