Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cerpen : Cinta Laut China Selatan

Author: remsauce

       It was their first anniversary as a couple. Bad thing they were not together at the moment as both of them were studying apart form each other, Djad was studying in UITM Kuantan while his love was studying in UMS Kota Kinabalu.

Djad is a straight kind of person and has always tried to improve his love techniques from magazines and the internet. He knows that Schinta is not an easily pleased-type especially on the special moment like this. In that afternoon, he set a phone date with his girlfriend, and particularly asked his girlfriend to attend the beach in Tanjung Aru.

"Because it is our special chat and anniversary, honey." He said this to assure his girl's weird thoughts.

They sweet talked all afternoon as Djad has improved much on his straightness on fact and matter, while practising all the tongue twisting he learned from books. Schinta missed her love so much. She strolled along the sandy beach within the beautiful breathtaking dark orange panorama.

" Do you believe that I actually hear the wind from the sea whispered your voices directly to me?" Djad said.

"Well, I like to hear a supporting proof about that one." Schinta resisted.

"Honey, you are standing right in front of me now." Djad said.

"Well, you are getting into my nerves now!" Schinta felt unpleasant.

"Honey, now face the sea and gaze at it. You will see me at the other end." Djad said in assurance.

"How will that work? I only can see the undefined horizon." Schinta was unable to decode the meanings.

"Baby, it works when you stay still and calm. Remember Pahang? We are neighbours by hundreds kilometer away. I'm on Teluk Cempedak beach, gazing out to the ocean too." Djad tried to be romantic in every way he revealed his intention.

"And?" Schinta blatantly resisted her love undisclosed sense.

"Our visions and love meet on Laut China Selatan, honey. It may divide our vista, but witnessed and hold our love together." Djad completely aroused in his heart as he decode his secret.

Schinta giggled. She was snapped with that one. "Well, I don't want to mess with Cina Selatan  anymore. He knows."

"Yeah, I don't think a southern chinese guy even take a second look at you."

They both shared a good laugh that evening.

" Is'nt it beautiful, baby?", she said after a long pause. Schinta now sat on a giant log that might has been washed to the shore not long ago.

" Do you like that now I am romantic passion lover?" Djad  ask gladly.

"Yes, and this is the best sunset in Tg Aru I ever spend with you!" She finally credited Djad for all his effort that afternoon.

"Errr..." Djad seems bothered.

"What? You don't like watching the sunset with me?"

"The sunset. Not in another one hour and won't set out the ocean. REMEMBER PAHANG?"

He can't resist!

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