Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Road Fly-Over

Enormous Road Fly-Over

As an overrated area of Selangor, road fly-overs seem to be typical and boring in Klang Valley. Their sizes are enormous and differ in length. I would say that Klang Valley hold the record of  'the most road fly-over built in Malaysia'. They are everywhere. 

As long as I can remember, there are no more place elsewhere in Malaysia would beat the congested road system in Klang Valley. The main reason is that this area is highly populated and well developed as an industrial area in various sectors. People are coming from all over Asia region to this cramped area, for the love of job for money.

Since industries were thriving well and business was good, the demand of goods expanded to the area surrounding it. In the past, I believe that Kuala Lumpur and Klang were the only places with developed buildings. Thanks to the rapid growth in civil engineering, the tall and big buildings are almost everywhere along both sides of the road between the KL and Klang.

I like to talk about this few other things:

1) The Roads.

It has the best road condition ever especially at the highways. Well connected to each other but most of the time actually quite annoying because of the road signs are confusing. Yeah~ the road toll too sometimes became a real pain in the arse.

2) Trailers, Driver and Attitude

They are the number two, after a lawyer, who always cursed to their death. In Port Klang, they are known as the number one reason of road accident that causes death. They dragged race among them, and bullied the other road users by tailing them too close.  Only some are with good attitude.

3) Motorcyclist

This kind of vehicle maybe the cheapest, but life are still at the same price. The most annoying thing is when they tend to ignore the red traffic light. At several occasions, I saw them almost run over by trailers or the other road users after ignoring the red light.

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