Wednesday, November 3, 2010

( I'm broken please fix me?)

What have I achieved?

Frustration, stressful life and unhappy days.

The only thing I could think about working under the construction / fabrication industry are frustration, stressful life and unhappy days. It is all about people management and good planning for projects execution. I know that it doesn't fit me well to be in any management team, because it is my nature not to give hell about people. I only love doing designs, drawings and new inventions.

Maybe that I am the type of people who are labelled as a freak, and happen to be so quite among people. But, it doesn't mean that I am hiding in dark corners just to avoid real conversation with people. I don't talk behind peoples' back, avoid complaining, and these causes me to lock myself away from making conversation with most people. Yup, I am bad with small talk.

I doesn't mean that I am a big talker either. I love listening and learning new knowledge especially in mechanical technical things and designs. Whoever brings up topic related to these matter would be given a standing ovation, as an appreciation to their lesson.

I don't know. Maybe that my imagination is bigger than what I can bear. Visuals are animating while some music are playing in the background inside my head. Everyday, whenever I am not busy doing other things. Yeah~ a quality of a freak. I know that I am not stupid, because I came as an average student in class. It is just too much things to think about. My life, my future, my hobby: It is all lining in a messy order.

I am afraid that people will hate me because I looks so unrealistic and hypocrite. I love talking to my fellow Sabahans, because we have the typical conversation about things. Maybe, it is the tones or the dialect. I laughed easily during conversation with my fellow Sabahans, but become worst among the non-Sabahans or non-Sarawakian.

Human. We tend to do wrong and learn from it.

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