Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lovely Jeans!

 I love jeans so much that if I have all the money in the world, I want to make everything out of jeans.
No. I'm just saying.

Few months back, I went window shopping at one of the largest shopping mall in Selangor. So I entered the Levis store to see what they have to display. Jeans and more jeans.

At one corner, they displayed one jeans that was absolutely crazy. I mean the price was up to RM 12000, but it was definitely common for me. Look at the first picture above. They were displaying a jeans with some white paint spots all over it. The items were categorized as "New Arrival". New arrival my as*. Its like some poor guy shooting sperms at all directions except for that stinky cave.

I was annoyed and cannot bear it alone. This misery must be ended by now, by educating people how ridiculous it to be Lady Gaga. Can someone call the fashion police now, I said NOW!

Owh, by the way, I attached a picture of a painting contractor worker wearing a colourful jean. Do you see what I mean? That only cost Rm10 perhaps.

Tukang Cat

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