Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tertiary Education

I love the reasons why I took KUKTEM ( now UMP ) as a place to pursue my tertiary education level.

First, I want to focus on my study. Well, back then, I was quite a hot material for the girls (seriously). I don't even apply for a place in UMS or UNIMAS, because I was afraid to be chased all year long. These places rocks by the way, if you can manage to uphold your academic and the girls simultaneously. For me, it's hard not to hard on the girls, which will lead to low academic achievement. So, forget that horny thoughts and leave for good!

Secondly, I want to pursue in engineering. This is more to your own life choice, on whatever you want to do to the rest of your life. For me, it is mostly depend on your ability in academic. I was good at Math and Physic more than the other subjects. I sucked on chemistry and hate it. Since logical thoughts were my play, I considered to take engineering in mechanical.

Third, I want to explore the other part of Malaysia. If I get better results back then, I would likely to apply to study overseas. I was quite sure that, only tertiary education will give you the biggest percentage of oppurtunity to go overseas in a lifetime. Pahang was not bad either. As long as I can learn different culture, that will be okay.

Fourth, the facilities provided should be good enough. I love the KUKTEM rumour back then, that it was the first campus of its kind to have a full wireless internet connection covering all parts of the campus. It was also promoting a paperless approach between the lecturers and students. Every business will be dealt online. The concept of doing more practical rather than theoretical classes also sounds convincing. Yeah~ Easy for the idea to be drafted, but the real execution was painful. We were lab's animal been experimented.

I think thats all I ever counted as important rules of choosing college / university for tertiary education.

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