Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Quest

First question. Should I go BAD ( a little bit )?

I am single and that is weird. I thought I was kinda hot stuff few years back in school or the university and ladies would line up to have a little bit of taste out of me. Yeah.It turns out to be the opposite way. Is it because I am a straight non-romantic person without the 'bad' factor girls love so much? ( rumour? )

Okay. I admit that I am a logical with a typical engineer thinking person. I am the person who rather say, "I woke up late this morning", than "Traffic jammed" when people ask why I am late to reach the office, OR say " The food is bad" than " I'm full", when people ask me why I don't want to eat. I don't give reasons or excuses when something gone wrong. It is simple, you are wrong when you are wrong, and right when you are right. And that is what the females found out unattractive, literally.

I dare to imagine me having my first dinner with a female companion goes like this:

Me: Hye there. Wow lovely dress! I hope that fur is'nt a real thing. Come on, go green, love animals.
Her: Noo..This is not a real fur.
Me: Owh, fake fur. Clever designer. Where did you shop a cheap dress like that?  I mean cheap because the fur is'nt a real thing.
Her: (annoyed) Kedai Kasut.
Me: Kedai Kasut did sell this thing these days? I thought they only considered things related to the foot such as stockings, slippers, Crocs, shoes and...wait a minute, they sell Pengelap Kaki too?. That's why with the fake fur.
Her: You are sick, man!
Me: What? No no. I'm good. What's with that wrinkled face? I've seen one of those looks before, they seem to become worst and worst in most of my previous dates.
Her: Whatever. Dinner is served. Dig in!
Me: Yep. Lets the hand do the talking.

Awh! Love quest aborted!


Dona D. Doni said...

haha. nice article your style.. :p

remsauce said...

Kicking butt eh?

Why i am soo super straight i dont know.

help me fix me?