Saturday, November 6, 2010


In 2002, I had an argument with my mother on career choice for my future. She always wanted me to be a teacher. I have to clarify here, I DON'T WANT TO BE A TEACHER. So, I told her, that I better be some religious priest than a teacher. I would be anything, but not a teacher. Well, I'm not a religious priest either..

I always see that this is the typical choice for my fellow Sabahans. What is in it? I mean teaching is actually a holy life mission especially turning one's life to something fruitful. I could not think other thing than 'teaching is a holy life mission'. But, why so many Sabahans end up teaching or taking education course in universities or colleges? I could say that, everyone in my village who are considered as educated, clever and well schooled, are teachers in schools. One will easily find a whole family consists of teachers, or just part of it.

I think the biggest influence for the cause is because teaching does give you a steady income. In a low-profiled state as Sabah, teacher might be considered as the best option for a bright future. It is not fair though, to let the Sabahans people to think that it is the only best job available. But, what else Sabah has to offer to its dweller?

I just hope that whoever pledged to become a teacher, should boost moral values, and really take students life seriously.

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