Friday, November 26, 2010

Screened Out!

What is it with me and screens in general?

My laptop's screen goes 'kabum',my DSLR camera's screen goes 'kebabom' and now my Nokia Mini  97 screen had the same fate too.

I don't think that it is all related to the exhausting camwhoring activities I did all the time. Let say, I don't have a mirror and camwhoring would be the best solution for a guy like me to dress my self up.

I used the internal laptop's camera for pimple pinching, and most of the juicy milky buttered cream will pop out and splatted to the screen. Owh, shoot! That would the main reason for the blinking burning effect of the screen in the first place. Ok, case solved.

Case number two, DSLR camera screen.  The camera slipped through my mutant hand and smashed the ground. I'm not so sure why it shows rebel to me. Face it, I am a horrible daddy. Case solved.

Case number three, handphone screen. I don't think taking my  nude 8" penis pictures would be the case here. Well, few hours before the incident, I looked at my old hand phone lustfully as if I want to make out with it. Deep inside me, I kinda feel sorry and missed to use the old hand phone. After we came back from dinner at the same night, I found that my new nokia was already dead broken inside my pocket. And by further investigation, it was found that the screen was already broken / cracked. Surely this is a jealousy case but poor nokia! I sent him to the repairman just now, and hopefully to recover from that deadly disease.


I haven't delete anything from that nokia mini 97!

Shoot! I should have done better on that man-piece!

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