Sunday, November 14, 2010

Orang Perak dan Orang Emas

Glittering golden and silver at Bintang Walk ( in front Maybank )


As I walked along with a friend down the popular Bintang Walk, we stumbled upon these people whose job is to put smiles to people faces. I did watched them been reviewed in one of the TV3 Majalah Tiga episode few years ago.

They put golden and silver glitter all over their body, and it seems so itchy but how they handled it was quite amazing. People love what they viewed. I love the whole value out of it, from how they decided to standout out among people and committed to it as their earning.

They are not performing any arts or moves, but only stand still and wait for the passerby to take pictures with them. People than give their thanks by inserting some amount of money into a box provided. Well, it is how entertainment works, keep the money flows in.

There are also many other performers such as street singers, painters and caricaturist along Bintang Walk. Their creativities are our inspiration.

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